The Various Uses of Voice Transcription Software


Voice transcription software really does have so many uses and some of them may surprise you. If you are interested in finding out more about that then simply take a look below.


Voice recognition software is still in its early days when you look at the finance industry, but banks are already seeing great promise in solutions like this. Why tap on your smartphone to see your bank balance when you can easily ask Alexa? Banks are starting to use voice-based banking to try and reduce the need for a human customer service team and it is also safe to say that this is helping them to reduce staffing costs too. If banks are able to implement this even more then this could easily boost customer satisfaction and even retention too. Clients would be able to use voice commands to seemingly access their information and they would also be able to track their spending patterns much more.


How frustrating is it to walk up and down every single aisle in a store, only to find that the store themselves don’t actually have the item you’re looking for? One way for services to get around this would be for them to use voice integration. Amazon have made huge investments in this industry and they have also tried to create an online, voice-activated shopping experience. Voice transcription software is used to help people order products from Amazon and it is also used to add or even delete products from a basket.

Public Transportation

Third-party apps and even devices have been trying to take advantage of voice transcription software for quite some time. You can easily ask Alexa to book you an Uber for example, or you can even ask your phone when the next bus to work is. This makes public transportation easier than ever to navigate and you would be surprised at how well it is able to understand every single accent. All in all, the voice transcription industry is booming and it’s safe to say that even bigger things are in the pipeline.

Solving Crimes

Voice technology has also penetrated the crime-solving industry. In fact, some officers are trialling visual speech recognition software that is able to reconstruct what words are being said on CCTV. There doesn’t even need to be any sound here either, and this is going to further the industry by an incredible amount. Sure, this is slightly different to voice transcription but it’s safe to say that the advancements are going to work hand-in-hand.

Voice recognition is one of the more challenging advancements that have been made in recent years, but that being said, things look to be moving along nicely and so many people are now taking advantage of what it has to offer. If things keep on going the way that they are then there really are no limits to how far this could go. Other industries may start to find uses for this type of technology too, and this could mean even bigger and better things for the future of transcription.


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