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Do you seek a way to impress your professor? The perfect essay is a good variant. However, this type of assignment daunts even those students who are good test-takers. The essay is an inherent part of any college or university curricula. If you think that only humanitarian disciplines require the completion of it, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, people aren’t born writers. It’s better to develop this skill – practice and read interesting examples. Be sure it would be helpful in your future career.

Firstly you must clarify what the opinion essay is. This paper requires you to express your opinion on a specific topic. It’s normal when you have several views on this or that issue. But your main task in opinion essay is to clarify and justify only one. By the way, the fear of opinion essays is misplaced. In comparison with other essay types, you needn’t select and explain opposite viewpoints and arguments. Opinion essay gives you the freedom of action.

The skill of presenting your thoughts on paper is important. But it’s not the single key to writing a top-notch essay. There are several points you should follow while writing:

  • The proper structure. Each paragraph should be placed according to the recommended order: introduction, body with supporting arguments and evidence, and conclusion.
  • Don’t write from scratch, create an outline, and write a draft paper according to it. This tip helps to avoid mistakes.
  • Justify your point of view with the information from outside sources. It may be research or articles on an appropriate theme.
  • Compose a catchy and strong thesis to intrigue and impress the reader. In your case, it’s a teacher.
  • Always proofread. It’s better to do it several times to check the spelling and grammar mistakes. The essay is an academic paper, which must be flawless.

But still, the basis of an excellent opinion essay is the topic. Take it seriously and choose the one you’re proficient in. Good if it would cover the discipline and one burning question. By choosing the relevant topic, you’ll prove yourself as a person moving with the times. If your searches were unsuccessful, don’t despair. is a team of experts, always ready to help you – just leave the message “Write my paper for me”. And at any time, the manager will contact you. But before making an order, choose one of the topics for the opinion essay below.

Possible topics for expressing your opinion

Each curriculum contains political science. This sphere abounds in controversial and interesting issues, which worth to speak on:

  • The role of the church in government.
  • Should the citizens own the license for bearing arms?
  • The implementation of freedom of speech.
  • Is it possible to eradicate corruption in education (or another sphere of life)?
  • Why is it so important to attend elections?

We live in a time of scientific and technological progress. The Internet and social media became integral to our existence. Here are some examples of relevant topics:

  • Does social media addiction really exist?
  • The smartphone adoption from early childhood and its influence on a child’s cognitive abilities.
  • The role the technologies play in studying.
  • My opinion on online piracy.
  • The sovereign Internet in China, its advantages/disadvantages/consequences.

The athletes and just sports admirers will be like fish in the water while discussion one of the following themes:

  • The effect CrossFit/powerlifting has on woman’s health.
  • Gender inequality in sports.
  • Should the drug test be implemented in each kind of sport and each federation?
  • The importance of sports in a child’s development.
  • Should extreme sports be prohibited or not?

The environment is one of the biggest concerns in the 21st century. Humanity seeks ways to solve the problems it created, so every viewpoint is important:

  • The consequences of the melting of glaciers.
  • The most effective way of reducing air emissions.
  • The importance of environmental education in school.
  • How to move toward electric car usage.
  • The risks of nuclear power stations.

This is only a small part of all possible opinion essay topics. The number of today’s most pressing issues is huge. Choose one that suits you and write a top-notch paper. The professional writers of can create unique paper regardless of the complexity of the topic.


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