Some tips for immigrating to Quebec


You recently thought about coming to Quebec, but the complexity of immigration programs discourages you? Have you accessed Canada visa application online? To help you see more clearly, here are some immigration programs that may suit your situation, and finally try to convince you to come and settle there.

Unprecedented employment opportunities

Every week, our business class as well as our politicians come back on this important issue, that of the shortage of skilled labor. Currently, more than 90,000 jobs are already vacant and over the next ten years, Quebec will have to fill more than 1.3 million jobs. This is certainly the number one argument to convince you that you have your place in Quebec. Imagine, some companies even recruit outside the country to fill positions. If you are planning to immigrate, remember that the need for manpower is even greater in the regions than in metropolises like Montreal.

Changes to the Skilled Worker Program

Previously, you had to synchronize your application as a skilled worker with a
basin opening. This meant that you had to follow the opening of the program to the minute while respecting deadlines. It was sufficient to obtain a compliance document late to be no longer eligible before the reopening of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program quota of 5,000 applications / year regardless of qualifications. Rather ineffective as an approach to interest people to settle …

Now, you can make a declaration of interest at any time, and the scoring of your application is based on a series of criteria such as: your work experience, your education, your language of use and many other factors. selection. From now on, Quebec will invite you to apply based on your score.

The program for foreign students: a gateway to the future

You want to study in Quebec? The program dedicated to foreign students is among the most popular. You must first be admitted by a recognized educational institution and then apply for a study permit. This program is popular with foreign students, given the international reputation of education in Quebec. Remember, graduating from a Canadian educational institution is very well received by recruiters and human resources managers, especially if you are looking to integrate a job in Quebec. In addition, if you enroll in a program of 1800 hours of study (1.5 years), this training may allow you to apply to the Québec Experience Program which will lead you to obtain your residence.

Investor, Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs

Do you have entrepreneurial skills, management experience? Be attentive because many changes have been made to these three programs. In the program for immigrant entrepreneurs, the government aims to encourage the creation of innovative businesses and to encourage newcomers to develop SMEs in the regions. To qualify for the Investor Program, you must meet higher requirements for net assets and investments. Despite the high demands, these programs are an excellent gateway for Quebec.

Living conditions in Quebec: a family paradise

Looking for a place to start a family? You may not have thought of it now. But know that Quebec’s social policies are very generous to encourage you …The Quebec Parental Insurance Plan guarantees you or your spouse financial support to spend quality time with your children. The public daycare program, a few dollars a day, allows both parents to work without worrying about their ability to make ends meet. Add to that the Study Savings Plan, a major savings tool with a government incentive to contribute. These are just a few examples of family measures in Quebec.

So…what are you waiting for?


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