Tips To Prevent Repetitive Stress From Injury At Workplace


Workplace injuries are not uncommon. Accidents can happen at any time, and there really is no way for anyone to predict them. However negative this situation may be, you can turn the tables for better stress and injury management after your accident. There are many laws and compensation means in place today wherein injured employees will experience lesser turmoil after a work-related accident. Here’s how you can make the most of these stress-prevention means:

  1. Always seek medical attention right after the injury.

Right after you meet an accident, the very first thing that you should think about is your welfare. Hence, do seek medical help immediately. Do not delay this, as delayed medical attention can potentially lead to more severe problems with your injury. Instead of only being a minor one, it can quickly escalate to more significant health issues, simply because you refused medical help. Worry about all the other stressors, later on, secure your physical welfare first, as everything else will naturally follow.

While you are recovering, or while at the hospital, there are numerous individuals who can help you out with your claims, such as a competitive lawyer from

  1. Ask for your Workmen’s Compensation Coverage.

Every employer is required to have their employees secured with the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance in the United States. If you are reading this from another country, you can ask your human resources manager about your equivalent insurance, or a lawyer friend. Their thoughts will most likely be the same, though.

As an employee, you are covered by a blanket of protection, which is the Workmen’s Compensation. This includes any of the following:

  • Physical disability accommodation, rehabilitation, and retraining
  • Temporary and permanent loss of income
  • Rehabilitation expenses such as therapy, training, medical equipment, clothing, and care for your daily activities that you can no longer do by yourself at the moment
  • Permanent outlays, after your settlement from filing a claim
  • Medical expenses related to your recoveries such as medicines and therapy
  • Death compensation for the beneficiary, should there be any death from the work injury
  1. Notify your employer of your injury.

If you meet an accident at your work, you must immediately notify your employer of the same, and the circumstances of your injury and accident. This step is crucial in preventing any of the stressors that you might be thinking about as a result of your accident. For you to make the most out of your compensation claim, you must also comply with your duty of notifying your employer as soon as possible. Do not sleep on your rights to the same. Remember that it will not be your employer who will compensate you for the injuries, but it is the Workmen’s Compensation Board. For this government agency to be able to act appropriately, they must also receive this notice of the accident from your employer. Hence, you have to do your part in not delaying the same.

  1. File your claim for compensation.


Apart from notifying your employer of your injury, you also have to file your claim for compensation to the Workmen’s Compensation Board. If you cannot do it yourself because of your injuries, then you can ask your spouse or any immediate family member to file for the same. As tiring as it may seem for you to have to comply with all these reporting and filing requirements, remember that the benefits that you will receive can help you recover better. You will no longer have to worry about how to pay the bills, your lost wages during the time of your recovery, and your employment.

  1. Yes, you can change your doctor of choice.

When you meet an injury, often, your attending physician might be the one who is accredited by the insurance company. However, for some physicians who might take advantage of this, they might delay your recovery due to a conflict of interest. Some doctors might cheat you out of having tests done so that you stay longer in their care. In this manner, the insurance company is paying them more.

However, the good news is that if you aren’t satisfied with the care that you are receiving from your doctor, you have the right to change to another one. Quality medical care and attention are also one of the top repeating stressors during an injury, hence, to give yourself better peace of mind that you are recovering as you should, do change to the doctor of your choice. You can do this for as long as you will notify the worker’s compensation adjuster before you do it.


When you or your family members figure into a work-related injury, the after-effects can create repetitive stress daily. It isn’t only your physical body that gets affected, but so does your capacity to work, and your financial situation. The laws are replete with compensation means, however, to help ease the burden of your mind. With this list, you can now feel better knowing that your injuries from working will not be without recourse.


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