Tips for Staging a House for a Rental Showing


Before a tenant fils out a rental application, they want to know what they can really do with the real estate. To ensure that you are guaranteed a good tenant, it is important to stage the home to get it ready for a rental showing. Staging can make a small space look spectacularly large by showcasing the best aspects of the space. To get a home ready for a staging, think about curb appeal, emphasize the best aspects of the home, and ensure that the home is clean.

Curb appeal

The very first thing the tenants will see is the outside of the home or rental property. If it doesn’t have curb appeal, tenants may choose to drive off before giving the inside a chance. Tending to the driveway is important. If the driveway is stained, adding a fresh coat of paint will make it look brand new. Even cracks on the driveway can be filled with sealer and then painted. Washing any access dirt off of the outside of the home can make the paint on the home look fresh. If there are no plants or flowers on the outside of the home, you may want to consider adding a small rock garden or colorful flowers to brighten up the entrance of the home. Even adding potted plants can improve the property’s curb appeal.

Emphasize the best aspects of the home

Emphasizing the best aspects of the home is important to really show what the property has to offer. If the space has custom shelving, strategically place knick knacks or a collection of books on the some of the shelves. If the home has great lighting, such as spotlights or a beautiful chandelier, turn the lighting on even at a low level and have dark curtains installed, so that potential tenants won’t miss out on the beauty of the lighting. If the home has an abundance of wall space, add custom canvas prints to the walls to make them pop. Custom canvases can also make a space feel more inviting, and your potential tenants may feel more at home when they see a beautiful painting displayed in a living area.


Cleaning the home is very important. Prior to showing the house, ensure that there are no infestations of any kind. Ants are common and can be taken care of by spraying insecticides in the yard. This is also true for other common household bugs. Ensure that the property is dust free, even in the garage if there is one. Most realtors forget that renters are curious about every possible space in the home, whether it be for living or storage purposes. This means that even the attic and basement should be clean and free of insects. If the house hasn’t been painted in awhile and you aren’t planning on having painters come in to paint, wash the walls with soapy water to get any dust or dirt particles off.

Staging a rental may seem like a daunting task, but if you make the house feel like a home, it won’t be hard to find a tenant that will pay top dollar to live there. Emphasizing lighting, or even adding new canvas prints to the house can make the house feel like a home that your new tenant can relax in.


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