Top 5 Preventative Gadgets


Life is unpredictable, and although you hope for the best, you can never predict what will happen. For this reason, planning for any accidents or casualties is essential whether for your business or in your personal life. Technology has been created to serve many purposes, and one of them is to make your life safer and more secure. There are numerous gadgets that are available to serve such purposes and may also happen to be affordable. Seeing as it’s said that prevention is better than cure, you should explore gadgets you may need in your everyday life to prevent accidents or other negative events. You will find five in particular that you may find useful below.

Ignition Interlock

If you happen to be someone who drinks often, then a preventative gadget you may want to consider is an ignition interlock device. In the case that you’re wondering what exactly that is, it’s a device that requires the driver to blow into a mouthpiece before starting the vehicle. It should then tell, you what your breath alcohol content is within three seconds if it’s a fast device and flash on screen if you’ve passed or failed. This device is imperative as it can help prevent accidents, the legal implications that accompany driving under the influence if you’re caught, and encourages general safety while driving. It is also a device that can be used if you have a business where people will be driving company cars.

Smoke Detectors

Statistics of fire safety in recent years may prove shocking to some. In 2015 there were at least 1,345,500 fires and $14.3 billion in loss as a result. These are surprising figures that show the importance of having a smoke detector in any building whether it happens to be your personal home or office space. There are a number of gadgets that are presently on the market that can help detect smoke and may, one day, save your life.

Security System

Another important gadget to consider getting for protective purposes is a security system. This is a necessity in order to prevent burglary or break-ins as well as theft from people coming in and out of your property. You should consider getting a WiFi security system as you can view your home or office from anywhere that you are as long as you have access to the internet. You would also have access to smartphone viewing via an app which is convenient as well.

Wireless Water Leak Alarm

Have you ever gone out and accidentally left the taps running? In some other cases, it may be that there’s a plumbing issue that has gotten out of hand. This is dangerous as it could lead to floods which can cause expensive damages that cost tons to repair. In light of this, getting a wireless water leak alarm may be ideal so that you can be notified in the case of any major leakages. This way, you can stop the problem before it gets out of hand and saves yourself a lot of time as well as stress.

Automatic Pro Car Adapter

Car theft is something that can happen to anybody at any time, so keeping your vehicle secure is imperative. An automatic pro car adapter is one of many ways you can do this. It enables you to track your car and see where it is at any given time; it can also notify you about any damages in case your car isn’t with you, or someone else is driving it.

Preventative gadgets can give you peace of mind as you may feel more at rest knowing if something is wrong, you’ll be notified. They are relatively affordable devices, meaning it’s something that’s accessible and there are various gadgets that can be used both inside and outside of the home or office. Overall, preventative gadgets can be an effective way of living a more secure life.


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