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Due to hard economic conditions in the world, many graduates are staying longer before securing jobs. It is no longer a guarantee that you will land in your dream job after college, and for this reason, students should start thinking outside the box on how to self-employ themselves. Even students who are struggling with insufficient pocket money can start engaging in economic activities that will help them to make extra coins. The following are some of the top investment ideas to consider.

  • Tutoring

With the knowledge you have acquired so far in your course, you can use it to mentor and tutor those who are struggling in their academics. Also, try to target high school students and depending on your locality and the number of those willing to join you, you may find yourself tutoring a whole class.




You may also widen your geographical coverage by taking your tutoring business online where you can be coaching them via online platforms such as emails and social media.  To get more clients, try to publicize yourself through friends and social media and soon you will have a real and reliable tutoring business.

  • Cleaning business

Students are raised in such a way that they can take care of their own cleanliness while in the college and they can use the same skills to generate money by cleaning houses in the neighborhood at a small fee.

One good thing about this venture is that it requires very little capital to start. To start with, offer cleaning services to your close friends and once you get a business identity spread your network to others.

If you look for like-minded individuals and form a cleaning company, you will have more bargaining power as you can comfortably approach big companies for contracts as some are willing to outsource jobs considered less technical to outsourcing companies.

  • Transport business

Not all students are from humble backgrounds as some drive their own cars. Usually, such vehicles are underutilized especially if they are only for moving one from point ‘A’ to ‘B.’ If you liaise with online transport companies offering services to your town dwellers such as Uber, you can earn extra cash by ferrying commuters during your free time.

To have reliable clientele, identify colleagues who require such services on a regular basis and treat them well. If the business thrives and brings more returns, add another vehicle and employ a full-time driver and soon your earnings will double.




  • Freelancing services

The internet is full of opportunities. One only needs to identify their area of interest. Many people and companies are willing to outsource jobs that do not require physical presence to online companies.

If you have excellent writing skills, you can look for the best paper writing service reviews company to work for and then sign–up and add a few lines to your portfolio to demonstrate to that you the requisite skills to work. Freelancing jobs available include but are not limited to doing research, essay writing, web design, transcription, editing, book reviewing and virtual office representatives.

There are several investment ideas students may find interesting to explore even as they pursue their education but those discussed above are some of the best to consider.



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