Top Strategies for Getting Increased ROI from Localization


Find out how to use the localization and get a high ROI. Here is an easy guide on calculating the expenses, expanding your audience base, and conveying the message effectively.

We live in a digital age and global culture is spreading widely. Today, entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of launching and expanding target markets. It helps them to get new and better opportunities for the company.

Localization is a potential means of global expansion. In general, we can find examples of organizations from all types of industries that use location-based expansion strategies. This is evidenced by the fact that almost 75% of Fortune 500 companies attract global customers through localization.

Adapting existing products to new markets through translation and localization management is the key to global growth and increased productivity. Websites such as offer reliable custom translation services to all kinds of businesses and organizations.

A high ROI is every investor’s dream. However, it takes correct direction, resources, and a concerted effort to achieve website localization and recognition for your business across the world. Successful entrepreneurs engage in a lot of practices that have been found useful for increasing the ROI. In this blog, you will be introduced to the tips that always work.

Calculate the Budget of Your Translation

The foremost requirement of getting increased ROI is a fair calculation of the actual investment. There are some key equations that can be used to calculate it. Those equations are considerate of the size of the project, estimation of the words that have to be translated, and the level of required maintenance.

Improve the Quality of Content

Improper content management is a potential factor that makes the phrases and idioms in the marketing texts hard or impossible to be localized into the software files or target languages. The localization process can simplify this so you don’t have to spend a lot of time correcting errors and ambiguities. As a result, your content is created and managed correctly.

The target content must be of the highest quality. This not only prevents errors, but also saves time. The evaluation process can be easily completed. Your information will be widely distributed in foreign markets.

Be Clear On the Overall Expenses in Advance

Many organizations have a hard time calculating the total expenses for the regional language translation process. As a result, they have no clear idea of ​​the return on investment that can be obtained through localization. The calculation is done according to a proper formula.

You can download files and calculate the costs on the website. The calculator also includes rebates on previously translated content. The proposed number can be used directly in the budget of the planned location project.

Find Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Budget

The budget can be optimized further after making the original investment. You should particularly try to achieve it using such useful features as automation. The point is to scale the efforts without spending a lot of money. A vast majority of translation management services offer multiple features that include but are not limited to translation methods and integrations.

Optimize the Content You Have Localized

After you have successfully managed your localization as well as translation, it is vital to ensure that the content is optimized. There are several tips that you can use in this regard. Take a look:

  • Be proactive.
  • Provide translation teams with style guides and glossaries.
  • Streamline the structure of your international URL.
  • Optimize international SEO.

These steps will help you ensure that your target market accepts translated content. Search engine optimization is crucial for providing information to internet recipients. You are competing with various organizations in the market, so it’s important to use the right keywords and content.

Keep Track of Your Properties All Over the World

Localization is not a one-time thing – a lot more happens after you have bought the tool and did all translations. You need to strategize to maintain your presence globally and keep all your properties regularly updated amidst all material that is being continuously generated by other entrepreneurs. Many organizations make roadmaps for the localization of software to optimize the content and use the localization investment to drive the ROI consistently.

Regardless of the size of your budget or organization, localization is always useful. In principle, even small businesses can determine the appropriate options for optimal resource efficiency. Proper use of localization and translation management tools helps companies increase global reach and visibility.

Save as Much Money and Time as Possible

If you want to get a higher return on investment, manual content localization is not recommended. People who try to find content manually spend too much time copying, pasting, exporting and importing, and often checking content. It requires a lot of work and effort and can be very difficult for the whole team.

Make the most out of your time by selecting a platform that can assist you in the process of automation of the localization. These platforms support different types of files and offer clients a wide range of localization and integration options. The goal is to achieve localization without problems, therefore practical knowledge of available resources is necessary.

Summing It All Up – Things to Remember

A good and growing ROI indicates the success and growth of a company. To achieve this effect, you can use localization, but first you need to calculate the translation budget. The content you create must be of high quality and properly managed.

Process costs are calculated first. Use automation to optimize your budget and generate high-quality localized content. A possible way is to prepare a route map for them. Rely on a reliable platform for fast and efficient automation.


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