Top Tips For Acing Your Business Blog Strategy


Around 57% of marketers in the U.S. report having gained customers through blogging, while 53% say that their blog is their top priority  when it comes to content marketing. The reasons for the popularity of blog posts are manifold, but one that stands out is their trustworthiness. Blogs are, essentially, a great way for experts in your industry to share information and know-how, and when well written, they help to build a continuous relationship with clients and followers. They also hold great potential for extending your client base, since when a business blog is visionary or highly authoritative, posts are frequently shared. How can you ensure your blog provides real value for readers, so much so that its influence reaches beyond those who already know your worth?

Rely On Market Research To Improve Your Brand

A successful business blog is one that is well positioned; it is a key component of your brand and should be different and unique to your company. Regardless of the area you specialize in (fashion, energy, media), ask yourself why someone might read your blog instead of your competitor’s. To assess the strength of your branding, conduct  market research using respected sources and bespoke surveys. Authoritative sources will help you hone the major aspects of branding – purpose, values, vision and mission. These sources should be recognized, scholarly and credible. They should also be current and purpose-driven. When creating your own surveys, interview customers  or organize focus groups that allow you to discuss different topics at a profound level. The results will point out useful changes and obstacles standing in your way.

Invest In Quality Design

Research by Stanford academics shows that judgements about a company’s credibility are  75% based on website design. This is an increasingly visual world in which apps and tools such as Instagram and Google slides are honing everyday individuals’ ability to identify and even create good design. The latter is a compound of many factors, including a practical and user-friendly layout, striking visuals and the right font. Research has shown that each font has its own ‘traits’ that can relay a powerful psychological message. For instance, Sans-Serif fonts are more readable on screens, and medium-weight fonts are also more readable.

Give SEO Due Importance

Blogging in itself is a key pillar of improving SEO, since it brings traffic to your site in an organic way. Your blog should also be written with SEO in mind, since doing so will improve your rankings. A good SEO strategy is multifaceted. It includes writing in an active voice where possible, using short sentences and plain English where possible, and including sub-headings and short paragraphs. It also involves using the right keywords – both individual words and phrases that people looking for a company like yours are likely to employ. Don’t forget long-tail keywords that potential clients could use on the way to find you. For your blog, tools such as Yoast will provide you with vital information regarding readability and keyword use.

Documenting Your Strategy

Research by the Content Market Institute indicates that those who document their strategy are more effective in all areas of digital marketing than those who don’t. When deciding on blog content, by all means be flexible and current, but also have specific written goals – including how many posts to upload, subject matter and style. Record your findings and test the efficiency of different strategies. Regardless of the area you are focusing on, ensure your language is dynamic, correct and appropriate to your brand. If possible, have a professional editor look through content prior to posting so that typos and confusing sentence structures are absent from your post.

A successful blog is one that is engaging, visually impactful and authentically useful. To guarantee yours is up to scratch, start with your branding, identifying what makes you unique. Rely on SEO tools, and document the success of different strategies and tactics. Finally, ensure your visuals are slick, professional and impactful so that readers are aesthetically pampered every time they click on your page.


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