The Top Workplace Wellness Programs


A good health is an integral part of a good life. Developing a health fitness program is the way to go. However, it does take a considerable amount of time. This might range between 21-60 days if done on a daily basis. Considering the amount of time you spend at your workplace it is a good idea for your employer to offer workplace wellness programs.

What is a workplace wellness program?

A workplace wellness program is any workplace health promotion activity designed to support healthy behaviour at the workplace. The program is implemented by the employer to help improve the health of the labour force.

A top-notch employer will implement a workplace wellness program. It does not matter how big or small is the business. The employee’s health should be a priority, since if they are healthy, the business will benefit. You can look at to spend your time, but there is nothing like a good workplace wellness program.

What are some examples workplace wellness programs?

Here is a look at some of the workplace wellness programs you need to know about,.

  1. On-site fitness centre.

Although not all business can afford a fitness centre it should be an integral part of the wellness program. A fitness centre offers the business a chance to recruit and maintain healthy employees. And you know if you have healthy employees then the outcome will be big.

  1. Smoking cessation programs.

Studies have it that on average employees who smoke cost their employers money compared to the team members who don’t smoke. A lot of workplaces have found it best to offer smoking cessation programs so that they don’t suffer financially. Additionally, it is ethically right.

A good cessation program should consist of lifestyle coaching and pharmacological assistance. These programs do help reduce the number of smokers.

  1. Transit options.

Transport reimbursement is a good idea to improve the workplace. Employees should thus be encouraged to take up alternative transport options such as bike sharing which are beneficial healthwise. Moreover, they help save the environment.

When you take a look at millennials most of them are very concerned about the environment. Thus it would be a good idea for an employer to implement this as a workplace wellness program.

  1. Paramedical services.

A company like Google offers its employees paramedic services such as massages. It has employed one message manager to their team members while they are at work.

An employer knows the benefit of having a calm am a relaxed task force. Once team members are offered such services they will feel the need to reciprocate this through their work. And if you think about it this might be the reason Google is ranked as one of the best companies.

  1. Lunch and healthy snacks.

When you look at the norm of many employees lunchtime they always eat fast. This might because most businesses allocate only 30 minutes for employees to grab lunch or a snack.

Everyone has to eat, thus a lunch and snack program will appeal to everyone. Plus employees should be given enough time to have their meals.


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