Travel to the United States with the ESTA form


Travelling to the United States is not always easy. After the attacks that took place in September 2001, the security checks became stricter and there are some additional forms. That is why preparation is needed if you are planning a trip to the New World.

Besides other things you will need a ESTA form. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This program is needed by visitors and your visit is impossible without it. The ESTA form is needed by the citizens of the member countries in the Visa Waiver program.

The ESTA form allows visitors to spend up 90 days at most, whether it is for pleasure or for business. The ESTA application is also need even if the visitors are just passing through or catching a connecting flight there. If someone wishes to spend more than 90 days a visa must be requested at the consulate or at the American embassy.

Requesting an ESTA form

Fortunately, the esta visa application is very easy to complete, and you can find it online. You should not have any difficulties when it comes to filling it, but if it seems difficult for you, you should know that you can always ask for the help of an organization.

There will be various questions asked in your ESTA form. First of all you will have to offer some information related to you and your passport. Then, you will be also asked to answer to some questions. The answers are either yes or no, so it should not take too much time to complete them.


The total cost for an ESTA form is 14 dollars. You will have to pay 4 dollars as a processing fee, and 10 more dollars as the authorization fee. However, if your application is refused, you will receive your 10 dollars back.

Additionally, the cost may go higher if you also choose to hire the services of an agency that will take care of everything for you. However, you might not need that since it is very simple to fill in the application.

How long does the ESTA form remain valid?

You should know that the ESTA form will be valid for two years, which means that you won’t have to fill in another application if you wish to travel to America during that period. However, you should know that if you renew your passport you will also have to renew your ESTA form.

After you complete the ESTA application, you should receive the confirmation as soon as possible, usually almost instantly. However, it some cases it might last up to 72 days. That happens especially if there is something wrong with your information.

The ESTA application is not denied very often, but you have to prepare for this situation in case it happens. This means that you should submit the application at least three days before the flight. This way, if it is denied, you will have enough time to submit another one and receive the confirmation.


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