Triumph Shoots Rocket 3R & Rocket GT 2020


Exclusive Engine Supplier – The future of the speed racer bike vests on Triumph Motors

Beyond Indian limits, it is available in two breeds, Rocket 3R and Rocket GT and within the territorial shores the only option is priced between ₹ 18-23-25 lakhs approximately. Triumph Rocket III is scheduled to be market launched in 2020 in India. It organized the first Road-Safety Ride from Jammu to Kanya Kumari on the June 1’st 2018.

The Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200xc, the blazing Rockets are also the products of Triumph Motors and its repute is not confined and dependant on the past two-wheeled releases, but the engines what it prides to manufacture is demanded more by the fast circuit organizers, esp., the FIM Moto Championship. The reason behind the confidence of the passionate racers in the 30 minutes endurance competition on the circuit that also has 2 additional laps, is the 765cc Triumph Triple engine which is Triumph’s engineering.

  1. Triumph Shoots Rocket 3R

Renowned for the great audio-effects in the race-bikes, Triple-Engine success is the effort of rigorous 2 years engineering. The 765cc-Moto2 Triple engine is race-tuned to deliver over 138 hp with better performance. The jetting-3R is engineered with the 2500CC in-lined, three-cylindered, with 165 bhp and torques at 221 Nm. Its motor-bikes and the accessories are well-designed, proto-typed, automated, tested and developed with the best design expertise.  It is adorned with titanium-valves and strong valve-springs increasing rate per minute acceleration with low-output race alternator kit for low inertia. The compression ratio is high with a revision in the first and second gearing. Since it has the DNA of the racer fraternity it has developed a slipper-clutch well-tuned. The Engine Control Units has been developed by one of the highly prestigious Italian developer and manufacturer, the Magneti Marelli that is known for its high technology precision in the automotive world. Cranks and pistons are new and an increased stroke and bore, with protective quality coatings safeguarding the internal key components. The aluminum barrels are Nickel plated with updated rod- connectors and same for the shaft-balance. It has also all new gearing box instilled.

  1. Triumph Shoots Rocket 3R

Triumph has always been darling-wheel and often used the two-wheeler as a prop on silver screens. Hollywood Stars too possessed it like the Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, Brad Pitt and Angela Jolly, Hugh, the X-Men lead role player.  Triumph has actually triumphed motto-race world and has emerged as an iconic engine maker to the racing fraternity. Starting its journey with vintages then impacted the Rock N Rolls and ascended lapping Hinckley.


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