Why You Should Try a Live Dealer Online Casino?


The trend to include the live section in online casinos was started a few years back. Today many players look for the live dealer section when they log in to a site. Those who have not tried it will not find it difficult to figure out the online streaming technology that enables them to experience a real table game as they will with an intermediary at a casino. Gamblers who love card games and are used to playing them against the dealer as well as with other participants around the table at land-based casinos can look forward to getting a similar experience through live streaming video. An online casino with a mobile version such as 5 pound deposit casino has much more to offer such as slots, video poker and others.

With the help of technology, such a section at a casino portal showcases a man or a woman sitting out playing cards for real. The computer recognition software enables player interaction with the game. Hence, they can place bets as well as engage in live chat with fellow players and the dealer.

How Did It Start?

Online casinos started back in the nineties. At that time the card deck based games and roulette were some of the early games that became popular at these portals based on RNG or random number generator. The focus is to have casino websites with software tested regularly by independent authorities to ensure that the results are random. Patrons initially expressed distrust of the computer programs, mainly because the shuffling process could not be seen. With the online games, these portals moved gradually to including the live dealer based games as found in casinos. This feature includes table card games that have real people dealing the cards and arbitrating these sessions.

Development of Live Casino Software

The software platform to showcase live sessions was first pioneered by Playtech in 2003. They started to provide licensed services to different portals whereby players could connect to dealers through video streaming. The industry was since then booming in popularity. These sites are now a rage in this world of online entertainment. There are several aspects that make this category of games appealing to gamblers. The comfort that players can log in and have live people handing out cards and handling their bets makes it a real-life and engaging experience. Players can also interact socially with the dealers as well as chat through the windows that are opened for conversing with the dealer and other players. The chatroom that is provided along with video connection helps the players to have an engaging experience.

How Does It Work?

You might have seen men or women lay out cards for different table card games like blackjack. When it comes to interacting with them, the software that is used works on optical character recognition technology. This mechanic is the same which allows scanned paper documents to be saved onto computers. The computer translates the card characters, or roulette wheel is encoded into data and then sent to an electronic device. Desktop computers are not the only devices through which you can use such technology since dealers can also be accessed through mobile-friendly casino websites or apps that work on smartphones and tablets through your mobile connection.

OCR technology helps in interactive sessions. It enables computers to say what you are holding in your hand and the outcome of the bet without a player having to break into a sweat. The general consensus is that players like to see the game unfolding in front of one’s very eyes. There are recent setups in certain portals that showcase live dealers maintaining each card with a computer chip that gets scanned when it is laid out in front of the dealer. Scanning translates information of the card into computer data. Every time it is scanned information on the screen is updated automatically. This helps the player interact remotely, but effectively and in real time in these games.

Behind the Scenes

Logistics that happen behind these sessions involve complex technology processes and studio-based production. The setup usually involves the main room with game tables, cameras, OCR equipment and live dealers. In certain cases, there is one table in a single room whereby gamblers can check out video streaming online without visual distraction or noise that is found in the background.

In other cases, all tables are placed in a large room and create a brick and mortar atmosphere whereby live dealers draw in many players. The technical crew is present life in such situations to ensure smooth streaming of the feeds and interactive media channels.

The details above showcase how live gambling sections work in the gaming portals. Thus, those players who strive to experience something tangible and breathtaking on the web should definitely give it a shot.


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