Types of casino bonuses


Casino bonuses are of different types that can be offered by online casinos.  They vary a lot, but the article looks at how important they are to a slot player and their differences. The different types of casino bonuses include:

Monthly bonuses

Monthly gifts are applicable in some of the online casinos and can also be known as loyalty bonuses. Many casinos do not advertise these bonuses to players publicly, but most of them will offer such gifts through email or text. For you to get, such a reward will depend on how frequently you play online casino games and how much you spend. It also influences the size of a bonus you get and the frequency in which you get the rewards. Some casinos also offer daily promotions called reloaded bonuses, depending on the level of the VIP program.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonus is a new player bonus and usually available after making your first deposit or sign up for the first time on an online casino. There is mostly a 100% bonus offer because you deposit a certain amount of money and thus will be doubled up according to the casino you have signed in. One important thing you should put into consideration is that you should carefully check whether a bonus needs a bonus code when you’re signing up at an online casino. The bonus code will be there when putting your details.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonus and free spins are offered to players by the online casinos. Implying that there is no deposit required from players and don’t have to use their own money to get free spins. Therefore, online casinos place high gambling specifications to retain themselves in the market area. There are also bonus abusers, and that’s why they have to be very keen. No deposit bonuses and free spins have another restriction, which is players have to deposit before they can withdraw.

High roller bonuses

Most of the casinos won’t offer top roller bonuses publicly because some players deposit more significant amounts and will want more than 100 deposit bonuses. What the casinos do is after a high roller player deposits a large amount of the money, the VIP team will contact him or her and offer them big bonuses. Top roller bonuses can be in the form of free tickets to sporting events, holidays, and expensive gifts such as iPhones and watches.

Free spin bonuses

They are usually frequent on slots. They can also be known as cash spins, extra spins, or welcome spins. Most of the online casinos will offer spins for some particular slot games to new players. Some casinos welcome new players with 30 free spins and have specific winnings, and others may not have any winnings. You need to know if the spins are free, the gambling winnings, and the type of the slot.


In conclusion, the different types of casino bonuses such as high roller bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins, payment method bonuses, and welcome bonuses. These bonuses are useful in attracting new customers and retaining the existing players. Additionally, you can increase your income with such rewards when playing.


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