How To Use ASMR To Relax


Sometimes the best medication is getting relaxed and letting the stress drain from your body, often that’s all you need and yet a tension headache is continually medicated with pills and tablets instead of getting that relaxing evening spent in front of the fire, or in the bath with a book that you actually need and whereby just closing your eyes and allowing yourself to sleep would do just the trick. Looking toward alternative methods for pain relief is increasingly popular as you try to manage all of the stressful applications of life without having to rely on, sometimes, addictive drugs. It’s important not to forget the power of letting your mind unwind and having the time to completely calm down and chill out.

However, before you try a new means of medication, make sure to speak to professionals for their view and opinion on the matter. Look up and have an open discussion with specialists such as Rishin Patel Insight on whether this is a great way for you to relax. Once they’ve given you their opinion, understand the benefits of ASMR and whether you should apply it to your everyday life.

What Is ASMR?

If you haven’t yet heard of ASMR then listen up. AMSR stand for Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response; in short it’s an enjoyable fizzing sensation that emanates through the head and scalp. ASMR is a pleasing “tingling” sensation felt mostly in the head, but not limited to just here. Sometimes this pleasurable feeling extends into the torso and limbs, and can cause a physical sensation. Used together with some magnesium salt baths to ease muscle tightness and soreness, ASMR could, in theory, be used to ease chronic pain and some anxiety conditions.  ASMR can be powerful enough a feeling to be experienced throughout the body and felt almost tangibly in the head. It’s significant but, as yet, is largely unexplained and undocumented.

Plan An Evening

If this concept is new to you and you’re currently thinking sceptically about this phenomenon, then why not try it out before you knock it? Plan to start winding down your evening at around 7pm and enjoy a bath, some slow gentle music and then head to bed with a pair of headphones and the YouTube app at the ready. There are hundreds of ASMR artists that devote much of their time to creating content on YouTube for their fans and followers to sit back, relax and listen to. If you’ve ever been relaxed watching someone paint in watercolor or listening to presents being wrapped and enjoying the soft noises of the folding and the crinkling, then it’s likely that these sort of sounds will be your triggers. If you enjoy hearing someone tapping on items, then, you guessed, tapping very well could be your trigger. You’re effectively using a holistic approach to healing that doesn’t cost anything, and, fingers crossed, could send you to sleep without any work or prescription medications involved other than laying still and listening to sounds being made just for your pleasure.

Find Your Trigger

If you’re sensitive to this feeling, then you’re in luck, as only a small percentage of the population are thought to be able to experience ASMR. If you’re at first unlucky then persevere because there might be something for you. You’ll know when you discover your trigger and then you go forward from there, forward watching many more videos and possibly even making your own. Remember, speak to your doctor first, then if you’ve got the green light, try ASMR for your own benefit.



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