Using Your Degree To Elicit Business


Business owners are able to gain the trust of potential customers by showing that they have a level of expertise that is unmatched by competitors. This is why many graduates of the University of Southern California have gone on to be successful as both employees and company owners. Learn how you can head your own Fortune 500 company by completing an online GIST graduate program and introduce your own innovations in the fields of technology and science.

Why Business Owners Need to Educate Themselves

There used to be a time that you could pretty much go into any area of business and then learn more about the field as your business grew. If you had the capital, you could hire others to perform specialized duties, and then bring other experts on board to verify that they were doing everything right. While anyone can open a new business, things just don’t work that way anymore. Instead, skilled seamstresses are more likely to start fashion companies and someone with a geographic information science and technology degree is better suited to leading a company specializing in oceanic technology.

Education Leads to Networking Opportunities

You may be active in your industry now, but if you chose to educate yourself formally you will expose yourself to an immeasurable number of networking events, seminars, study groups and other opportunities. As you work on projects together while studying for an online GIST degree, you will find that you have other things in common, such as hobbies and favorite sports team. The bonds that you form while in college will continue on, so when you need help when you are launching your business you will know where to turn. This means that it will be easier for you to lead talented individuals to your company, giving you an advantage over other startups in your industry.

Showing How Your Degree Makes You an Expert

The paper that your degree is printed on might not be worth much in forms of tangible currency, but what it represents is your diligence and expertise. Let your degree give you the confidence that you need to make impressive presentations. Think about what you learned while studying and then transform that information into bite sized nuggets of informational wealth. Don’t worry so much about what other companies that are more well established are doing, and put a spin on the same old information that has already been disseminated.

Start talking to potential investors about where you want to take your company, then make sure that you mention that you have expertise in your industry by talking about your advanced degree. There have been many businesses that have been successfully run by laymen, but some of the most well known corporations today started with little more than an idea and a lot of gumption. Be completely bold about your expertise and your original ideas, and you will have others believing in your company too. If you use your degree to help elicit business for your company, your positive reputation will precede you in all that you do.


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