Using SMS Marketing to Increase Your Subscriber Loyalty


If your subscribers do not feel a sense of loyalty when it comes to your brand, keeping their attention is going to be tricky. As a business owner, providing your subscribers with top value, building good long-term relationships, and providing top of the line campaigns and offers, is essential. Without encouraging your subscribers to be more engaged, nurturing the brand-subscriber relationship and instilling a sense of loyalty, you can’t expect them to stick around for long. We’ve listed some of the best ways in which you can use SMS marketing to improve subscriber relationships and loyalty.


When building a good relationship with your subscribers and reaching out to them to improve loyalty levels, personalisation is very important. A personalised approach to each individual subscriber is key to creating a sense of loyalty and improving engagement. Platforms such as Reach Interactive, which give you the option to add first names, last names, and any other unique identifiers to your campaigns, can be one of the best ways to seal the deal by making your subscribers feel special. This is especially effective when it comes to encouraging offer redemption and grabbing attention.

Birthday Offers

Ask your subscribers to provide you with their date of birth – not only so that you can figure out who the demographic is that your brand is the most popular with, but also to give them special birthday offers for free. Sending your subscribers a thoughtful text message on their birthdays is not only a great way to let them know that they’re important to you and help improve your relationship with them, it can also be used to direct them to a link where they’ll be able to claim a free birthday gift. Offering your subscribers something for free, not just on their birthday but for other occasions too, can be a great way to showcase more of your products and improve brand exposure.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are becoming more and more popular with SMS marketing, as they allow you to set scheduled SMS campaigns for a certain amount of days, months, weeks, or even years. The great thing about drip campaigns is that they encourage your subscribers to continue engaging and taking part, improving subscriber loyalty and building a great brand-customer relationship. Drip campaigns, when designed well, are one of the best ways to grab the attention of your customers and keep it over an extended time period.


Lastly, keeping your subscribers up to date is important for encouraging good engagement and improving customer loyalty. Although you won’t want to bombard your subscribers with messages keeping them up to date, letting them know when you introduce a new product, update features, or even when you’ve posted interesting content online will help to secure their interest. Make sure that you invite people to opt in before sending them marketing SMS messages.

When it comes to improving customer and subscriber loyalty, SMS marketing can be an effective strategy. SMS is a personal, convenient method of building a good relationship with your subscribers and keeping them up to date.


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