Vacancy on Redmond, Oregon City Council Following Resignation of Councilor McPherson


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After two and a half years of dedicated service on Redmond City Council, Councilor Ginny McPherson resigned Saturday, July 25, 2015.

“What I have enjoyed most about serving on City Council is the involvement I have had in shaping Redmond,” states McPherson. “My new position affords me the opportunity to increase that involvement in a very hands-on manner.”

McPherson recently accepted a position as the temporary assistant project/program administrator for Redmond’s Community Development Department.

Redmond City Charter decrees that any vacancy that occurs during a council term may be filled by Mayoral appointment with a majority vote of the remaining City Council members. That Council member then is up for election in the next round of elections.

“With all the projects underway in Redmond, such as Sam Johnson Park and the Evergreen Revitalization Project, we need someone who can hit the ground running,” comments Mayor George Endicott. “It is important that candidates for appointment understand the role of city government; demonstrate the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively; and have a desire to assume the responsibilities and accountability inherent in the work of a councilmember.”

Over the next few weeks, Mayor George Endicott will be considering a process to fill the remainder of McPherson’s term expiring December 31, 2016.


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