Videogames, a new form of advertising


Videogames have managed to generate an industry that has only known how to grow and improve with the passing of time, the success that the videogame industry currently has is so high that it has achieved a place in the global economy. In 2018, the value of the global gaming industry exceeded $138 billion. Of that high number, 50% of the profits come from mobile devices and only 25% from consoles. Gamers have basically started to consume more and more, and the industry continues to grow unstoppably.

Nowadays videogames are part of popular culture and their technological advance through the ages has been so great that to be able to develop any game with powerful features, it requires an enormous development team made up of scriptwriters, creatives, musicians, Testers, artists of different types, actors, among others. In addition to all of the above, you must also add the enormous amounts of money needed to supply any necessary element in the development of such a game.

There are also some online videogames that even have their own exchange markets where real money is involved in exchange for making some profit on these games. One of the most notable examples of these exchanges is the purchase of OSRS Gold, which is a business that is growing and improving more and more thanks to the various websites that have emerged to manage such exchanges.

The huge number of players that there are now, and the colorful scenarios that offer videogames are advantages that the most famous companies cannot pass up. That’s why it’s normal to find well planned and focused advertisements for some consumer brands (such as Coca Cola, Google, Samsung or even Red Bull) in today’s popular videogames, and all with the goal that the players will be the next consumers of these brands.

In order to provide information, the three main methods used by brands to promote themselves in videogames will be mentioned below.

1) Sponsorship

An easy way for a brand to connect with its target audience is to use existing digital game codes (puzzles, strategy games, platform games, etc.) and customize them with their own elements such as the logo, mascot, products or colors. In this way, you will obtain a game that will be known in a short time, available in stores for download and at a fairly affordable price.

2) Exclusive development

A very good possibility is to create an entire videogame from the needs of the brand itself. This could include virtual reality and augmented reality and could be as complex as desired. However, months of planning and execution are needed to achieve the objectives.

3) Digital Product Placement

It is increasingly common for consumer brands to appear on the stages of videogame protagonists, whether in the form of spectacular advertisements, as part of stage decoration, or even as weapons, attachments, or special equipment. In this way, in addition to achieving greater naturalness and realism in the videogames that use this method, a deeper empathy is also achieved with the players by using the brands that they know in the real world.

The execution and development of marketing on the screens of videogames can become a perfect channel for brands, as it offers the security of capturing a stable audience, and also allows the player to have fun with his favorite hobby while living with the brand on a whole new level.


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