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After years of research and product development, the instant coffee industry is about to be revolutionized.
Kent Sheridan and Nick Holmboe, the minds behind Voilà, have launched a product that will revolutionize the specialty coffee industry. Voilà has reinvented the way traditional instant coffee is made; each cup is meticulously handcrafted from the best specialty coffees in the world, upholding quality from farm-to-cup. By creating a unique process that is ever-changing and evolving, Voilà strives to create the best instant coffee possible.
For too long, specialty coffee has been inaccessible to a broad consumer base; availability exists only in high-end cafes where trained staff possess the skills and knowledge to prepare expensive coffees to perfection.
“Voilà started out as a desire to drink specialty coffee anywhere and anytime” said Founder Kent Sheridan. “In creating Voilà, I wanted to bring accessibility to specialty coffee, but also combine my passion for exploring new and exciting coffees from different roasters. With Voilà, customers do not have to settle for office coffee or lug around their brew equipment. If they have water, they can have amazing coffee from all over the world in seconds.”
The two founders share a passion for bringing the highest quality product possible to their customers and building an authentic brand. Kent brings a deep understanding of the coffee industry through both his own specialty coffee ventures previous to Voilà and training at Palate, one of the top cafes in Bend, working under Jason Rhodes and Jodi Groteboer who come from Albina Press in Portland. His ability to masterfully story-tell and communicate also bring marketing and advertising tactics to Voilà. Holmboe is an experienced chef, with a degree in business management with an emphasis in culinary arts. Prior to Voilà, he helped open two award-winning restaurants in Portland. His culinary experience helps Voilà scale quality and efficiency in both operations and production.
“There is a place for Voilà in every coffee drinker’s life,” said Holmboe. “You’re running out the door, you’re camping, you’re snowed in, you’re pulling an all-nighter studying for finals, you’re flying out at 5am — whatever the situation, you now have the option to never compromise quality. You get to enjoy your favorite roasters and customize your taste preferences to experience the coffees you love.”
Voilà was sought out by the former Vice President of Stumptown, Eric Hoest, as the next big thing to happen in the coffee industry. In August of 2017, Hoest joined Voilà as a strategic investor.
“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our crowdfunding supporters and seeing all the different places Voilà has traveled” said Kent Founder of Voilà. “As we grow, we will continue adding more awesome roasters to our partnerships, but we also have big plans for partnerships across various industries like travel, hospitality, gastronomy, and more. Hopefully, we can nail down some great distribution partners in Australia and elsewhere shortly after we launch so everyone can have free shipping. The main focus will, of course, be always improving the product though. We are really happy with the quality of Voilà right now, but we still feel we’ve only scratched the surface with what’s to come!”
Voilà specialty instant coffee can be purchased at voila.coffee in sample Discovery Packs or as a subscription.
The vision of Voilà is to make the best instant coffee in the world with full transparency from farm to roaster to cup — allowing anyone from a master barista to your average joe to enjoy a surprisingly balanced and delicious cup of coffee in seconds. This naturally lets customers try new coffees from roasters all across the country, broadening their palate and enjoyment for the world of high quality, ethically sourced coffees. Voilà operates primarily as a monthly subscription sold direct-to-consumer. Customers order online at voila.coffee — they can then choose how many cups per month they would like, customize their taste preferences, and receive amazing instant coffee that is ready in seconds.


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