Vortex Announces 50th Anniversary of Legendary Festival with Unprecedented Volunteerism Program


Fifty years ago, Vortex I presented an alternative to a potentially violent antiwar protest and provided an opportunity to celebrate the social and environmental consciousness of a new generation. On this semi-centennial anniversary, Vortex 2020 will honor that history by mobilizing Oregonians to work side by side on projects that highlight our shared values.

Tickets to Vortex 2020 cannot be purchased. Instead, attendees of the event on August 22-23 will volunteer their time on projects that Vortex has developed in partnership with nonprofit organizations statewide.

At vortex2020.org, festival-goers will find a growing lineup of performers and volunteer opportunities, which will be posted on a rolling basis as they are scheduled. This two-day event will pay homage to the original Vortex festival, while rallying thousands of Oregonians around nonprofit projects in Bend and across the state.

Volunteer Projects near Bend:

25th Annual Eagle Watch on March 28 and 29 at Cove Palisades in Culver


Volunteer for the 25th Annual Eagle Watch! This family-friendly event focuses upon the many Oregon raptors that populate our area at this time of year. Assist visitors with spotting raptors in flight and help kids learn as they engage in environmental education activities and nature crafts. Volunteers participate in three- to four-hour shifts. After registration closes for this event, the volunteer coordinator will contact you to schedule your specific volunteer shift activity and time.

Max Capacity: 25

Registration Deadline: March 27, 2020

“This is about uniting Oregonians,” said Nate Overmeyer, an organizer of Vortex 2020. “It’s about weaving the social fabric of our state. By reimagining the typical festival model to include volunteerism, everybody will arrive at the festival with that in common. The simple question, ‘What did you do?’ removes any barriers to starting a conversation with your neighbor.

Vortex 2020 organizers are now inviting nonprofits across the state to add their own projects to the collection of volunteer opportunities, which is growing more extensive by the week.

Initial partners include Oregon State Parks and Recreation, which will accept Vortex volunteers to help keep Oregon’s natural, historic and recreational sites looking their best.

“Vortex I was a watershed moment for Oregon and certainly for Oregon State Parks.  It was an innovative idea, and it reflected a fascinating moment in time, culture and values,” said Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Deputy Director MG Devereux. “Vortex 2020 will be innovative, too, and embodies the kind of volunteerism and service ethos we love.”

SOLVE is offering opportunities for volunteers to help with litter cleanup, tree planting and invasive removal projects throughout the state.

Portland Parks and Recreation volunteers will help maintain Portland’s cherished natural areas and public places.

Honoring the history of Vortex I, the Vortex 2020 festival will also take place at McIver State Park in Clackamas County. Festival goers will be able to connect with fellow volunteers and experience a broad range of musical styles and performances that celebrate our state’s diversity.




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