The Waldorf School of Bend Sponsors Central Oregon Locavore


(Photo | Courtesy of Central Oregon Locavore)

Teaming up to cultivate the future through families and farms, Central Oregon Locavore announces sponsorship by the Waldorf School of Bend. The $2,500 donation results in recognition and outreach for the Waldorf School of Bend and support for the programs of Central Oregon Locavore.

Education is at the heart of both organizations’ missions. The Waldorf School of Bend cultivates academic excellence through their experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works, including a school garden where the students learn about where their food comes from and how to care for precious land.

Central Oregon Locavore hosts events and programs that provide immersive learning through curriculum-based on-farm learning with their Farm Kids Program and volunteer farm workdays through Willing Workers on Local Farms. The priority of social responsibility is highly regarded and modeled by both organizations.

Central Oregon Locavore appreciates the Waldorf philosophy, which honors each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens. A challenging, vibrant curriculum allows students to learn in their own innate styles and to build upon their own emerging capabilities.

From early childhood through middle school, students spend considerable time building solid foundations and capacities in critical and cooperative thinking. They’re able to do so by actively engaging in the classroom, in the lab, on the playing field, on stage and in the natural environment. A toddler at the Waldorf School of Bend starts their day with “seasonal circle time.” Central Oregon Locavore thinks that everyone should do the same!


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