What To Do When You Are Hit By A Car


Due to the increasing number of people choosing to walk or cycle compared to travel by car, the chances of it being hit now is even higher. So, if it does happen, it’s vital that you know exactly what to do if it should happen to you, or someone close to you. There are certain steps you have to take to protect yourself, medically, legally, and financially.

  • Stay Calm – you’re bound to be a little shaken up but don’t scream or curse at the driver. If you lose your temper, it’s not going to help you, and you’ll get less sympathy from those on the scene of the accident. Breathe and try to control your emotions.
  • Contact the Police – even if you think you’re not injured and are happy to stumble home, don’t be tempted. Call 911 for the police and get medical help.
  • Don’t Let the Driver Leave – you might think you’re OK and haven’t sustained any injuries. Even if this is the case, don’t let the driver leave the scene. When the shock wears off, you might discover some serious injuries. Therefore, make sure to ask the driver to stay while you wait for the police to arrive. The same goes for any witnesses.
  • If the Driver doesn’t Stop – if the driver doesn’t stop, make sure you get the names and contact details of any witnesses, however, you shouldn’t rely on them to come forward later. If you can, try to take a photo of the car’s license plate or try to remember the make and color.
  • Collect Vital Information – something you can do while you’re waiting for the police to arrive is collect the driver’s details. That includes their driver’s license number, insurance details, license plate, name, address, and contact details. Take lots of photos with your cellphone of the vehicles, surrounding area, any damage to yourself or your bicycle, road signs, traffic lights and anything else you think might be helpful.
  • Make a Statement – when the police arrive, make sure you give them your version of events. After a few days, remember to contact the police and ask to review their report to ensure it’s accurate.
  • Get Medical Attention – it’s vital you seek medical attention as soon as possible. You might have broken something and not realized it. You’ll receive treatment much quicker, and it will help your case when you file an insurance claim for your injuries.
  • Contact a Personal Injury Attorney – it is possible to fight a personal injury case yourself, but you’re more likely to receive a favorable outcome if you contact a personal injury attorney. If you live in Florida, Abercrombie PA can help. One last tip worth mentioning is that you should avoid talking about your experience on social media. It might be very tempting to broadcast what has happened, but it could impact on your personal injury case.

It pays to know exactly what to do in the aftermath of being hit by a vehicle, such as a car. It will ensure that you improve your chances of getting what you deserve financially and legally but also physically, in terms of your health.


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