Why Choose Color Coated Steel For Buildings?


Color coated steel products aimed at using in different corrosive environments are produced to extend the service of life of the finished product reliably protecting the steel elements from corrosion. Besides, with a properly selected metal coating it becomes simpler to process such products and increase their suitability for welding, painting, and forming.

Polymer-coated steel sheets are being increasingly used in the construction industry. The reason for their popularity is that these materials offer great opportunities for the construction of beautiful and functional buildings that meet stringent requirements in terms of aesthetics, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. Let’s talk about the advantages of color coated steel in the context of modern construction.

The advantages of steel with polymer coatings

  1. Excellent performance

Steel is an excellent construction material. In the manufacture of metal facade or roofing materials with polymer coatings such steel grade that optimally matches the characteristics of the finished product is selected. For example, for roofing steel, improved forming capabilities and increased corrosion resistance are important. Therefore, the most flexible steel grades are selected that are additionally protected with a zinc coating before polymer is applied. The polymer coating itself is developed taking into account all the features of product exploitation.

Additionally, the durability of galvanized steel protected by a polymer should be mentioned. A quality product, such as SSAB steel, can have a service life of up to 40-50 years. And this is a very serious argument in favor of this material.

  1. Ease of  installation and processing

Polymer-coated steel has an optimal combination of strength, durability and a light weight. These features of the material have the most positive impact on the timing of construction. Quality steel can even be molded by hand to impart complex shapes. There are some grades of roofing steel or facade steel that can be manually processed without damage to the steel or the coating itself.

  1. Gorgeous new aesthetics

Polymer-coated steel is widely used in the design of modern buildings. Obviously, the material has a high appeal to architects, designers, and planners. This is easily explained by the huge choice of sizes, shapes and options for color decor that is offered by today’s manufacturers of steel with a polymer coating. The material is excellent for the implementation of various tasks in terms of the construction of shopping and office centers, cultural institutions, sports facilities, warehouses or production facilities, etc.

  1. Economic expediency

In the modern world, when construction is often carried out on credit funds high speed of work is very important. It is this factor that largely determines the economic feasibility of the use of certain materials. From this point of view, color coated steel is an excellent choice for developers, since this material allows you to finish the roofs and facades in the shortest possible time. It is also economically feasible to use materials that provide buildings with a “commodity” aesthetic appearance. In this respect, steel with a spectacular polymer coating has very few competitors.

  1.   Environmental friendliness

When talking about building materials, environmental friendliness is usually understood as the absence of substances harmful to our health in the product. However, the problem of ecology is much wider. A significant factor here is processability of materials. And in this regard, high-quality steel with coatings from leading brands can boast maximum results.


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