Woman-Founded Bend Startup Launches Game-Changing Disaster Prep Product


(Allison Barnard, Founder and CEO of Terra Frma | Photo courtesy of Terra Frma)

Terra Frma is launching the Grab + Go Box, the first holistic kit that helps users prepare before any natural disaster occurs, learn how to stay safe during one, and begin a successful recovery when the emergency has ended. The Grab + Go Box includes the Terra Frma Guidebook, Action Plans, a travel-sized Disaster Deck and emergency accessories. The size of a hardbound book, the Grab + Go Box is designed to live on a prominent bookshelf or counter.

Terra Frma disaster preparedness focuses on four things: home preparation, emotional wellness, analytical understanding, and physical safety, which creates a solid first step for home and business owners to take long-term protective measures to help save their structures. Plus, they will be emotionally supported while doing so.

“I developed Terra Frma with an unwavering focus on the relationship between the analytical, physical and emotional requirements of disaster preparation and recovery,” says founder and CEO Allison Barnard. “Engaging all three are critical before, during and after an event. It is this combination that truly develops disaster resilience and makes Terra Frma unique.”

Terra Frma’s Grab + Go Box is the first in the nation to combine steps from disaster experts with advice from real life survivors and emergency responders in one single product. In addition to focusing on users’ wellness throughout each step, products inside the Terra Frma Grab + Go Box purposefully do not rely on electricity, the internet or other communication lines because those are often down during a natural disaster.

“Our goal is to start a grassroots movement in disaster preparedness,” says Barnard. “We are making disaster preparation accessible, affordable and engaging for everyone. The only way a community becomes resilient is if the individuals do. You do not need a lot of money or supplies, although those are helpful. What you really need is time and guidance, which is what Terra Frma provides.”

Terra Frma is a start-up based in Bend where nearby disaster risks include wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes and the Cascadia Subduction Zone.




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