The World’s Five Highest Paying Professions of 2019


Money isn’t everything, but it can sure help, and some professions offer a lot more than others. For those that are trying to choose a new career to increase their monthly income, or for high school students interested in pursuing a new degree with the hopes of earning well, there are plenty to choose from, but not all jobs pay the same.

Using statistics from countries around the world, including Germany, the Untied States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, these are the five highest-paying careers in the world at the moment that offer the same money you’d win from a successful round of online betting, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists are the specialists that assist those with physical disorders, which can range from spinal injury to the loss of a limb through an accident or deformity. It’s an intense job that requires a lot of willpower and expertise, and can sometimes dedicate themselves to a single person for months or even years at a time. The profession has seen a rise of 7% in the last few years, and currently offers around $37.93 per hour, more than twice minimum wage within the United States.

Chief Executives

Also known as CEOs, these are the people that run the top layers of all the business and industry in the world. It’s an extremely demanding position that most have to work for years to earn if not starting a new company. Some CEOs can work upwards of 18 hours a day, depending on their responsibilities, and it’s not a career for the faint of heart. The working hours, strategy sessions and stress means that CEOs can generally expect a higher salary than most others within the company, and the average annual income of a CEO is around $340,000 per year.

Software Developers

Software developing has become a prominent career choice for many college students, especially with the widespread nature of the Internet and continued demand for state-of-the-art software solutions. For this reason, most programmers will charge around $45 per hour for their services, although this can depend on their experience and their qualifications, and doesn’t include performance incentive bonuses. It’s also among the fastest-growing careers in the world, and around 1 million software developers can be found within the United States, and sees them developing everything from video games to NZ betting solutions.


An anaesthesiologist is a person that deals with delivering powerful chemical anaesthetics prior to surgery. It’s a job that requires a minimum of 5 years in related fields and often a medical degree, mostly due to the fact that the person doing it needs to be extremely good with maths and calculations, as getting the dose wrong can easily put a person to sleep forever. For this reason, they generally make around $410,000 a year.


Arguably the very top of the medical field, neurosurgeons are specialist doctors that perform operations on brains, the most complicated organ in the human body. They require at least a decade of study before being able to operate regularly, but the pay involved is more than enough to make up for this, with most neurosurgeons making a small fortune of almost half a million dollars a year.


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