How to Write at College: Essay Tips and Tricks


Writing an essay is not always an easy task to do, especially if you’re a college or university student. There are semesters, which are quite normal as well as by far the most stressful during the whole education period. This is the moment when you should be extremely focused on education and concentrated on the grades you have. Having a bunch of assignments along with another essay and paper to compose is tough. So, how to overcome those issues when you have a lot to write during a short period of time?


The only way out for a student is to have a personal strategy of surviving those almost unbearable writing assignments. Planning and knowing the basics of effective writing will help you out with everything. Today we’re going to talk about those specific tricks every student should follow in order to handle every writing assignment in the best way possible. Any paper, whether it is a book report or an analytical essay or anything else, can be managed if you know how to write it.

How to Write Essays Fast

Is it possible to survive an essay, if you have a couple of other writing assignments additionally to it? Yes. You don’t have to be a professional author to compose it well. In fact, academic writing differs a lot from what famous writers do. You have a certain set of rules and requirements, which you have to stick to in order to get a correctly composed article. All that is needed from you is to be interested enough in the topic you have to develop, and write about it in the way, which will be interesting for a reader too. Here’s what you are recommended to do in order to achieve this goal.


  • You can’t start writing your essay without understanding the topic. If the question for your essay is given by your professor, you have to be sure that you’ve understood your topic correctly.
  • Research. Don’t start writing if you know nothing or if you know too little about the topic. You need to make sure that you really define the key points of the question you’re going to discuss in the article. You need to know what you’re talking about, as well as the readers of your essay need to know that you know what you’re talking about. These key points should be fully revealed in the introductory part. It is vital for an introduction to explain the direction of your ideas and thoughts to the readers.
  • Create a plan and divide your work into several parts. One of the most effective ways to compose really fast is by dividing the time you have for an essay between three different processes – preparation, writing, proofreading. For example, the longest period of time should be devoted to writing. Preparation and proofreading will take approximately the same period. So, if you have 50 minutes for an essay, you can divide this time in the following way: preparation – 10 minutes, writing – 30 minutes, proofreading – 10 minutes. It is a very resultative way of writing, which accumulates your efforts and knowledge, making you fit the whole writing process into a limited period of time.
  • Always start with a strongly stated thesis, which will help you to move forward with your essay. It should be very clear and accurate, so you will know exactly what you’re going to talk about in your paper. Thus, the reader will also know what you’re talking about and what your position is on the question you’re discussing. A thesis is like the core of the article.
  • Have enough background information. You should be able to support the ideas you express with other supporting ideas from different sources.

That’s it for writing an essay in a very effective way. Just divide your work wisely and make sure you understand the topic you have.

But remember that writing effectively is not only about writing really fast. It is about writing in the way that people understand what you’re discussing in your paper. So, use the tricks and techniques described in the article to master your own writing skills too.



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