How Is Zapier Used in Business


When it comes to coming up with a custom platform to combine all of your “cloud-based” solutions into one large bundle, there is a magical application out there which you can sign up for known as Zapier. What is it? In a nutshell, it’s a solution for all of your separate online tools into one big automated and perfectly organized synchronization environment.

It doesn’t just utilize your chatbots, but also your Google Sheets, your website, your PayPal, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and much more. It allows you to maintain your social networks all in one place as well. You can add automation to your Facebook profile by posting on your Twitter feed and having the same comment shared and linked to your Facebook pages, chatbots, and more.

How Do You Use Zapier in Business?

Of course, you have to sign up for the service first, but by using it in conjunction with other tools like your ManyChat chatbot, you can help increase your digital marketing strategies by fully automating them. Once you start synchronizing all of your accounts, you can set up custom options for each one of them on how they react to each other.

If you set it up properly, then you can have a fully automated platform of ecommerce that can work together letting you sit back and watch the revenue poor in, which greatly increases your ROI (return on investments). Not only that, but it allows you to increase your sales by keeping your customers engaged in your business.

Is it Free?

While you don’t have to pay for an account, you definitely get a lot more functionality and flexibility with a standard account. You get 5 zaps and 2-step zaps, which are blueprints for repetitive tasks with various apps. It’s kind of like having a macro triggered for your apps so you don’t have to do multiple tasks at once all by yourself. With a standard account, you get 20 zaps, multi-step zaps and premium apps like Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, Shopify, PayPal, and even your LinkedIn, Zoho CRM software and more.

When you bump yourself up to the medium “Professional” level, you get upgraded to 50 Zaps, additional logic commands, and faster automation between apps. Their prices continue to go up to a Professional Plus, a Team Package, and you have the option to pay for “annual hosting” which is actually the monthly price advertised billed to your company all at once, or you end up having to pay a little bit extra if you’re paying every month.


You may be wondering how to use Zapier properly to optimize it for your business, your ManyChat bot, your e-mail Newsletter, Facebook, and more. Fortunately, there is a course that can provide this information for you, as well as get a free membership to MagicZap by taking the course offered by Smart Bot Marketers, one of the leading industry teaching teams that has been in the automation industry for years and now offers these automation techniques in your digital marketing strategies. Not only that, but you can get this course for a fraction of what you would pay another company, learning instruction, or even another freelancer.


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