3 Ways AI Can Help Entrepreneurs Boost Their Businesses


The level at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed far surpasses what anybody could have ever imagined a mere 20 years ago. Today, AI isn’t just about robots but also how self-learning systems with complex intelligence can analyze oceans of raw data and turn them into easily-digestible information for the decision-making process.

Recent developments in AI technology have pushed it to the frontlines of online marketing. AI creates new alternatives that automate and personalize corporate marketing, which in turn gives entrepreneurs the chance to boost the effectiveness of their strategies.

Entrepreneurs have invested heavily into the potential of AI in the hopes of making their businesses grow. The applications of AI are virtually limitless, with modern industries relying on its ability to produce quicker, cheaper, and more accurate information to provide better services to their target audiences. Below, you will find three ways AI has improved online marketing and why entrepreneurs should take advantage of it.

Content Quality and Relevancy

AI integration into search engines has made them better understand user queries, thereby showing the most relevant results within the first handful of search results. Deep-learning algorithms grade readability, authenticity, and relevancy before displaying results. These rankings depend mainly on how well the content answers the intent of its audience. This ultimately means that publishers have to produce higher-quality content to reach more users.

In addition, search engines are self-learning, allowing them to collect information and make accurate predictions based on user trends. Online marketers use this to their advantage by creating content accordingly to push their site higher up on the search results page.

Meaningful Responses

Recent updates to Google AdWords campaigns have led to profound changes in how ads are created and shown on screen. AdWords no longer relies on humanized optimization but instead relies on Google’s own algorithms, as well as the millions of written and “Hey Google” searches every day, to modify the appearances of campaigns according to geographical and demographical factors.

In this sense, AI plays a role in improving the relationship between advertisers and customers by enabling interactions via deep learning. For instance, when a customer belonging to a specific segment interacts through a company’s landing page, a chatbot will evaluate the data to produce meaningful responses based on the user’s preferences. With more meaningful responses comes extended retention and a higher likelihood of making purchases.

Personalized Experience

Marketers who utilize AI can improve engagement and personalize user experiences that will ultimately boost sales. One of the most underrated yet most successful techniques is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is comprised of numerous strategies and best practices with an end goal of improving a site’s position in search engines.

AI in SEO can help improve a business’ strategy by uncovering new opportunities, such as identifying trending keywords. Algorithms in SEO make it easier for businesses to analyze competitors and understand search intent.

Data is the most important ingredient of the AI model when practicing SEO. Collecting data helps the AI build persona-based intelligence, which it uses to display certain results to individuals belonging to a specific segment. Most importantly, the efficiency of SEO costs less to practice while providing longer-lasting impacts on users.


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