5 Reasons To Consider Italian Investor Visa As Your Immigration Route


Immigration is desirable for Americans who want to broaden their horizons and start afresh in a new country. When it comes to popular destinations to explore, Italy is among the choicest. It offers a perfect blend of everything you may want, from incredible weather to an easygoing lifestyle, career and business opportunities, and healthcare and educational facilities. Not surprisingly, it makes an apt immigration destination for young families, retirees, and entrepreneurs alike.

The country has diverse citizenship options if you want to settle there for good. You can claim through descent, marriage, or naturalization. But each route has eligibility requirements, and you may not qualify for either of them. Thankfully, you can still try your luck and get in as an investor. An investor visa can open the doors to immigration and enable you to acquire citizenship later. It is simple to obtain, and here you can read everything about the process in detail. Let us explain the valid reasons to consider this option as your immigration route.

Diverse investment options

The Italian investor visa requires you to invest a significant sum of money in the country. It is an ideal option for high-net-worth Americans who want to immigrate through a hassle-free process. The good thing is that you have diverse investment options to explore. You can pick either of the following:

  • An investment of €500,000 in a company incorporated and running in Italy
  • An investment of  €500,000 in an innovative Italian startup
  • A philanthropic donation of  €1 million in a project of public interest, such as education, heritage, culture, immigration management, etc
  • Purchase of government bonds worth €2 million

Eligibility is only about investment

When it comes to getting an Italian investor visa, eligibility is only about your ability to invest in the country. You can buy your way in with a Golden Visa and stay here as long as you hold your investment. Apart from the investment requirement, you have to show a clean criminal record. Additionally, you need to validate that you hold the funds legally and they are in your name. There are no other major requirements, making it easy to qualify through this route.

Straightforward process

Apart from simple eligibility norms, the process of obtaining an investor visa is relatively straightforward. It involves only three steps, and you need not wait for ages to complete the process. You have to obtain a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) to start with. It requires an online application along with submission of proof of funds, and you get the certificate within 30 days. After obtaining the nulla osta, you can apply for your investor visa at your local consulate. If the paperwork is in place, you can obtain it right away. The two-year visa enables you to immigrate to Italy and live and work there. The best part is that you have to invest the funds only after acquiring the visa.

A route leading to citizenship

The investor visa can work as your ticket to Italian citizenship if you want to settle in the country eventually. You get temporary residency after landing with the Investor visa, and it is valid for two years. The subsequent renewal is for three years, and you can apply for it, provided you are willing to hold your investment here. After completing five years in the country, you can apply for permanent residence. It takes you a step closer to citizenship and gives additional benefits. Once you complete ten years in the country, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization. The road seems long, but it is your best bet if you do not qualify through any other citizenship route.

Access to Schengen Benefits 

An Investment Visa for Italy gives access to Shnegen benefits that are desirable for many reasons. You can travel visa-free to all other countries in the Schengen Zone for a 90 to 180 day period. It serves as your gateway to the EU, while you also qualify for the benefits of being an Italian resident. You need not even reside here permanently, yet the benefits are open for you. There couldn’t be a better way to start your immigration journey in one of the best EU countries.

You can seek guidance from an Investor Visa expert to ease and speed up the process. They can help you understand the investment options and pick a legitimate one. Further, they can assist with the paperwork and process. You will need their assistance to understand the citizenship requirements and close the process successfully.


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