5 Tips to Taking More Creative High School Senior Photos


The secret to taking creative senior photos does not only depend on the props, but also pose, and location. In fact, being creative is not merely the goal, but should also be to have beautiful photos that express personality. Here are tips to taking more creative high school senior photos.

5 Tips for Creative High School Senior Photos

When it comes to taking photos of high school students, there are 5 main things you want to think about when shooting to help you create unique portraits:

  1. Their personality
  2. Lighting Conditions
  3. Relevant Location
  4. Natural Poses
  5. Lens Choices

Consider the Senior’s Personality

Great pictures are those that tell a story, which is why you have to consider the personality of the subject. It does not matter whether you are taking photos of a male client or a female client, but make sure you get to know them first prior to the photoshoot.

Include the interests of the subject in your photos. This can be a favorite hobby or sport. Those who love to read can make use of books as props in the same way those who love skateboarding can use a skateboard. Of course, you have to match these props with a somewhat relevant background.

Pre-Consultation is Important

Get to know your client more by scheduling a meeting or you can do this through the phone. Ask about his or her interests or whether there is a specific set in mind. The favorite location and fashion statement will also give you a good starting point when you start planning.

While doing so gives you ideas, this will also establish a relationship between you and the clients which could improve your business in the future.

Know The Dos And Don’ts Of Lighting

Lighting is important and it is in fact, one of the most essential elements of photography. It illuminates the subject in a way that light should give it life and definition in creative ways. The type of light source as well as the distance between it and the subject both affect the quality of the image.

To take more creative senior highschool photos, take advantage of natural light. However, some photographers suggest avoiding photoshoots in the middle of the day when sunlight is too bright. In the same way, avoid artificial lightings that are too bright or they would produce shadows that are difficult to reduce even during post-processing.

Find A Location That Is Relevant

As pictures should tell a story, you should find a location that would best tell that story. Again, the interests of the client should reflect on these pictures.

Use their favorite place as a setting for photography. Maybe your client loves to spend time in the library if they’re into books. Using the sports field as a background for sports enthusiasts or the cheerleaders are good ideas.

Choosing locations that have a role in a person’s life will create more memorable photos.

Pose And Posture Matter

Avoid taking photos of people in straight poses as if you are taking a mugshot for them. Be creative and try not to make them look lifeless. Instead of just standing, make them turn slightly to their side or raise one hand to the hips or hold a book.

Separate the feet when necessary whether they are in standing or sitting position to not make them look stiff and robotic. Give life to the pictures by making them act natural and confident. When instructing your model how to pose, always remember to include posture. It makes people look more confident.

Use The Right Lens

The choice of the lens also matters in taking more creative senior high school photos. While there are many powerful lenses that will add stunning effects to a portrait, the following often do the job well.

  • 24-70mm lens for a standard portrait: Often, you can achieve great looking senior portraits by simply using a camera with standard lenses of 24-70 mm. However, lighting, angle, and other factors must be taken into consideration.
  • 70-105mm for sharper, more defined backgrounds: If the background is an important element in the project, opting for a 70-105 mm lens will do better. This type of lens helps produce sharper, more detailed backgrounds, and foregrounds.
  • Fisheye lens for more creative effects: A fisheye lens is a type of lens that captures a very wide angle, either 180 degrees or 360 degrees. It creates more effects and is often used for sports photography and moving photography. You can also use it to take senior highschool photos with its great image effects like a blurred background.


Taking creative and memorable photos of senior high school students is possible with good lighting, proper posing techniques, and posture, as well as the right lens. Consider also the personality and interests of the person for more meaningful portraits.


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