6 Best Practices for Successful Remote Workers to Stay Productive


The Digital era is all about staying connected. As long as someone is connected to the internet, everything is just a tap away. From promoting the brand to managing the workforce, the internet is the backbone of today’s economy. The digital transformation globally has led to remote working and the trend is rising upwards.

People are shifting towards remote working instead of following the traditional working style. No one likes to commute to the workplace and spend hours in traffic to see the face of a lousy boss. If you are also one of those individuals who like to work from home and set up their own business, you need to be careful and never rush into anything for the sake of convenience.

As we have seen, many remote workers and freelancers could not keep up the spark after a year or so. The reasons are obvious – lack of plan and random experiments to lead the business to success.

In this post, we are going to share some best practices for successful remote workers. Following these practices will help you to stay productive and count success in the years later. Let’s get started.

Opt for High-Speed Internet

Remote working, work from home, freelancing, whatever you call it, high-speed internet is the backbone of leading the online business successfully. You need to hold video conferences, deliver projects, download files, and upload your delivery. Without high-speed internet, things are not going to work your way and you may lose high paying clients and money juicer deals.

Firstly, make sure to look for the available internet service providers in your area, before setting up your office. Compare the plans and choose the one that suits your requirements. When planning for remote work, make sure to purchase a plan that offers unlimited data caps and other add-ons as well. If Spectrum is available in your area, you are one lucky freak. Spectrum Packages offer blazing fast Internet as much as 940Mbps along with Voice services and Cable TV.

Dress Properly and Allocate Workstation

Remote work offers you the liberty to dress in your night pajamas and sit anywhere in the house whether it be on the bed or workstation. However, you might feel after a while that you are not being as much productive as you might need to. The only way to stay productive is to dress up properly and buy a desk and a chair to make it feel like an office. Many new remote workers caught up in the trap of convenience and freedom to work from any part of the home. However, for best results and productivity at an early stage, make sure to follow this step religiously.

Schedule Your Daily Tasks

The best part of working from home is that you can choose your work hours contrary to traditional 9-5 timings. If you feel that you are more productive in the morning, you can wake early and start your work. If you are a night owl, you can allocate time whenever it suits you. But in both cases, you need to set a schedule and stick to it to get your work done. Make a schedule that will help you to get the most work done in little time.

Also, allocate some time for interruptions, meetings with clients, and appointments. You won’t feel exhausted or frustrated when something unusual happens. Incorporate work management tools and other useful resources to help you stay on track. Keep the updates of your revenues, expenses, work hours, project deadlines, and everything else that helps you stay organized and free of clutter. Normally remote workers are hesitant in making a work schedule that results in huge setbacks. Avoid such situations at the beginning.

Maintain Balance Between Work and Personal Life

Balancing between work and personal life is much more difficult for remote workers as compared to traditional ones. Remote workers often get themselves caught up in the home and work environment. For instance, if you have to manage household chores in the morning and the deadline is approaching near, you might not be to give time to your family. At 9 pm you might find yourself struggling to deliver the project instead of giving time to your spouse and kids. It can have bad effects on your relations and considered be extremely unhealthy. Make sure to set limits to balance work-life from regular life. Otherwise, you may have to pay the price of depression, isolation, and burnout.

Stay Away from Distractions

When working from home, you are easily distracted by your surroundings. From kids’ intervention to digital distraction, everything becomes part of your normal routine. To avoid such a situation, make sure to keep your digital devices away and set a timer on your browser to keep you away from checking your Facebook profile, etc.

Similarly, if your kids distract you, just lock up the door as long as you are working on a particular task. Don’t pay heed to anything going outside your home office. If you want tranquility and peace in your home office, invest some money in making the room soundproof.

Prioritize Your Work

You may have successfully trapped high paying clients to offer the services. But things can turn messy if you are unable to prioritize your work and miss the important deadlines. To avoid such situations, make sure to prioritize work and ask for an easily manageable time.

Never think of yourself as a crusader who can deliver five projects in one day. Make a sheet and prioritize each project from most to least important. You can’t afford to lose a client only because you can’t deliver it on time. Moreover, you need to maintain long-term relationships with clients by meeting your commitments.

Summing Up

With the digital revolution, people are inclined more towards remote working, which is going to increase with each passing day. If you want to stay competitive, make sure to follow the aforementioned practices to stay productive at all times. Otherwise, think of the scenario in which you have to face a lousy boss every day.


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