6 Devastating Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Plumber


Pursuing a career as a plumber involves receiving important training, developing certain skills, and protecting your business.

Without a strategy for success, missteps will occur that could negatively impact your future as a plumber.

Avoid these 6 devastating mistakes when becoming a plumber to guarantee success:

  1. Avoiding Gaining Valuable Experience

Ample experience is required to be a successful plumber.

If you avoid gaining valuable experience, you’ll be unable to skillfully perform vital plumbing tasks.

Research entry-level jobs or apprenticeship programs in your area to launch your career.

Specifically, apprenticeship programs are popular methods for learning trades because they provide one-on-one experience with qualified experts, who can teach you everything you need to know about their industry.

By earning on-the-job training from talented professionals, you’ll learn a foundation of information, skills, and qualities needed to become a plumber.

Continue to increase your knowledge and practice your skills as you gradually advance your plumbing career.

Gain important experience as a plumber to enhance your qualifications and overall abilities.

  1. Failing to Obtain Your License

To operate as a certified plumber, you must obtain your license.

If you fail to receive your license, you’ll be unqualified to complete plumbing projects.

Earning your plumbing license involves fulfilling training requirements, providing important business documents, and passing a trade exam.

Guarantee you pass your exam by discovering quality study materials, such as books and prep courses, to fully prepare you for success.

Once you pass your trade exam, apply for your plumber’s license.

Additionally, renew your license regularly through continuing education to ensure you remain qualified.

Obtain your Oregon contractor’s license to officially begin work as a plumber.

  1. Missing the Required Physical Capabilities

A plumber’s job involves daily physical activity to execute their necessary duties.

If you’re uninterested in an active career, you’ll be unable to solve plumbing issues.

Learn about the physical requirements of plumbers to ensure you’re fully prepared to complete any job.

Physical tasks that occur on a daily basis include:

  • Carrying heavy equipment and supplies
  • Crawling into cramped spaces to access pipes
  • Maneuvering in uncomfortable places to install or repair plumbing systems

Plumbing is a physically demanding job.

Understand the physical capabilities you must possess as a plumber to ensure you’re ready and willing before pursuing a plumbing career.

  1. Lacking the Ability to Work Under Pressure

The ability to work under pressure is essential for plumbers.

If you’re incapable of functioning under pressure, you’ll lack vital and necessary plumbing skills.

Plumbers are often given jobs where they must utilize their problem-solving skills in high pressure situations to resolve a plumbing issue or emergency.

Additionally, the plumbing work you complete under pressure must meet certain standards of quality.

Ensure you’re able to tactfully handle intense situations before beginning your career as a plumber.

  1. Waiting to Purchase Insurance

Protect your plumbing business by purchasing the proper insurance.

If you wait to buy insurance, you may experience a costly problem you can’t afford to resolve, resulting in the end of your business.

Research a variety of insurance types, policies, and rates to find the ideal insurance for you and your business.

Typically, general liability insurance is recommended for plumbers to secure their business from unwanted expenses or damage.

Accidents may occur, and you don’t want to be held liable for any property harm or personal injury.

Purchase sufficient insurance for your plumbing business today to guarantee you’re protected.

  1. Neglecting to Grow Your Business

Emphasize growth and expansion to ensure you succeed as a plumber.

If you neglect to grow your business, you’ll lose clients and your business will diminish.

The best method for growing your plumbing business is to increase your marketing efforts.

Ideas for marketing your business include enhancing your online presence, producing quality content, utilizing promotional items, paying for advertisements, or increasing your community outreach.

If you need additional assistance, consider consulting a marketing professional.

Develop an effective marketing strategy to grow your plumbing business.

If you’re interested in becoming a plumber, avoid these 6 devastating mistakes to guarantee you succeed.


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