A Beginners Guide to Bookkeeping


Bookkeeping is a professional service of keeping records of all financial transactions. However, do not confuse and interchangeably use the terms accounting and bookkeeping. These two acts are completely different. Bookkeeping is done daily to keep track of the day-to-day transaction and is a category that falls under accounting. Accounting, on the other hand, is an umbrella term.

Bookkeeping requires maintaining a general ledger. In the past, this was done on pen and paper; times have changed now. All thanks to technological advancements, we have begun to gravitate towards paper-less bookkeeping. There are several advantages to these approaches as all documents can be saved for a lifetime, and there is no risk of permanent loss in case of fires and thefts. Hiring services for bookkeeping is a worthy investment. Contact us to know more.

 Top 6 Reasons for Bookkeeping 

There are several reasons why your business may benefit from hiring a professional bookkeeping service like ours. To elaborate more on it, we will be discussing these benefits.

  • Centralized focus on business development

If you are a recent startup or a company ready to go through rebranding, you will need to focus your time and energy on the whole procedure involved in making operations run smoothly. Bookkeeping services let you breathe from time to time by taking one responsibility off your shoulder. 

  • Letting professional handle 

Not everyone is knowledgeable in bookkeeping, at it is simply not within your domain of expertise. Hence it is best to step aside and let a professional within the field take over to avoid any available losses to the company and its reputation. 

  • Save time

As mentioned previously, if you are going to go through significant business changes or begin new projects at the end of the day, you would be let with little to no time to focus your energy on your social and family life. Through hiring bookkeeping services, you let yourself enjoy a bit of free time to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

  • Ensuring on-time payments

No employee loves working long hours without being paid on time. At the same time, no business partner would want to renew a business relationship (contract) if their payments are made on time. Bookkeeping services ensure your income in, and outflow is smooth. Everyone gets paid on time; this builds relationships between the employee and business and generates an overall brand reputation.

  • Tax filings

As part of running a business, it is your moral obligation to pay off any quarterly or annual taxes that are due. Forgetting to pay taxes on time leaves tax collectors running behind your back and sometimes also results in harm to your business’s reputation. Professional bookkeepers are assigned with the responsibility of taking care of tax filings as of and when required according to your business structure.  

  • Reduced cost

A great bookkeeper will generate you more considerable savings than handling bookkeeping on your own. Professionals within the field are less likely to make human errors or cause mistakes in paying off taxes and any business partner dues.


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