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How much money do you want to make? That is the question that many business owners ask themselves when they are deciding what to do with their website. If the answer is “a lot,” then you should be focusing on conversion rate optimization strategies. Many businesses spend time trying to increase traffic to their website and fail to improve the conversion rate once they get there.

In this article, we will discuss 6 steps that will help increase your conversion rates and generate more revenue for your business!

  • Get your website on Google

If you want to increase traffic to your business website, then it is essential that your website appears on Google. When potential customers are searching for a product or service like yours, they will often choose the business with the highest ranking at the top of their search results page. You can look into SEO experts in order to make sure that your site ranks high for keywords related to your industry.

Do some A/B testing also known as split testing on your website’s pages is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage to each other to determine which one is performing better.

A lot of business owners think that their websites are perfect, and do not plan any changes in the future. However, this can have a negative impact on your business because there is always space for improvement, and staying ahead of the trends and constant changes in technology is important for any business to succeed

Just change one or two things, and test different versions of your page with customers to see which one gets the highest conversion rate. For example, if you want to increase conversions on a website landing page for an email list sign up then try changing fonts, colours, layout, etc. Don’t forget to give each version a unique URL so that it is easier for you to track the results!

  • Optimize your site for mobile devices

Over half of the traffic to most websites now comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, it is very important that your website looks good on all screen sizes so you need to ensure that everyone can access it easily.

It’s also a great idea to make sure people know they are accessing your site through their phones by putting up a “mobile-friendly” notice to increase conversions. You can also use a website conversion optimization tool like Optimizely which will help you make your site mobile-friendly with just one click!

Having lots of positive reviews and testimonials is great for increasing the credibility of your business. However, it is usually not easy to get these reviews if you ask for them in person or on the phone.

If you are having trouble getting testimonials from your customers, then try using a tool like Kudobuzz which can automatically collect and publish customer reviews onto your website! This will increase conversions because potential clients feel more comfortable buying from a business with lots of positive feedback.

  • Use social media to increase traffic and engagement with your audience

Social media can be a great way to increase traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. However, it is important that you are posting the right kinds of content on social media so people keep coming back to your page! You should post high-quality pictures which capture attention, questions for users in order to get them engaged with what you are saying, and a mix of promotional content to remind people about your services.

You can also increase the number of social media followers you have by using software like Socedo which automatically finds users who would be interested in following your page based on their interests!

  • Create videos for YouTube or Vimeo that explain how to use your products/services

One of the best ways to increase conversions, traffic, and sales is by creating videos that show people how to use your products or services!

For example, if you are an interior designer then make a video showing potential clients what their house could look like after it has been renovated. You should also include other kinds of content in this video such as testimonials from satisfied customers and information about your service.

Once you have created a video then upload it to YouTube so that more people see it! You should also share the link with friends, family, or on relevant platforms across social media which could result in increased exposure for your business.

  • Create a blog post at least once per week

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. However, it can be very time-consuming if you are doing all the writing yourself! If you want to create quality blog posts but don’t have much free time, then use an article writer software like Textbroker which will provide one of its thousands of writers with the content for you!

This will save you a lot of time and money because the quality of the writing is often much higher than what most people could do themselves. It’s also important to remember that blogging at least once per week can help keep your website on Google’s good side which means more traffic in the future.

Creating an infographic or video which explains something related to your industry is another way to increase traffic, finding easier ways to attract more visitors to your site is important. Some might enjoy watching a video about the product or service you are offering rather than reading through long texts.

  • Add an email sign-up form to capture visitors’ contact information

As you know, the only way to get people interested in your site is by capturing their contact information. You can do this easily by adding an email sign-up form on every page of your website!

If you don’t have enough space, then use a popup lightbox which will appear whenever visitors hover over or click on something like for example “subscribe”. This popup will tell users what they are signing up for and give them the option to unsubscribe if they change their minds.

Another great way to increase the traffic, and conversions on your website, as well as customer subscribers, would be to create a free giveaway that people can win by entering through your website. All you have to do is create an interesting contest which people can enter by signing up through your website! If you are struggling for ideas, then why not give away something related to what your business offers.

  • Promote your content via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

One of the best ways to increase traffic and conversions is by promoting your content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This can be done easily using software like Buffer which allows you to post updates at certain times throughout the day so that they reach a wider audience! All you need to do then is share your link on the relevant social networks and wait for it to go viral! Depending on the type of product or service you are offering, publishing a free eBook that people can download from your website is great to build your brand and customer base.

The eBook can cover one of your main topics or offer something related to what you do as this will help you to build your brand and provide more value for your customers. By promoting through the various social networks, this will drive interest to your site to see what else you have on offer.

No matter your business product or service it’s always a great way to plan what your goals are for the business, how you wish to achieve them and how you are going to keep up with conversions as you hit your targets for your websites and social media accounts.

Every business owner’s goal is to have a successful business that will be able to grow and increase in value in the future. Have a clear business plan and understanding of your strategy and goals and you’re halfway to success.

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