Dabbing With A Cannabis Vape Pen


With Canada’s move to legalize cannabis in 2018, a lot has changed regarding how people view the consumption of this substance. The stigma that came with the use of cannabis has slowly lessened, which also helped people become more open about their cannabis consumption. In a way, its legalization has helped people become more accepting of the use of this drug and become more understanding about it.

As a result of all this, cannabis and all its related products have become more widely available. After all, the legalization helped pave the way for the cannabis industry in Canada. People have begun to grow their own cannabis flowers and even started developing other byproducts of the plant. While some choose the classic route of smoking flowers, others have different ways of consuming cannabis. Some choose to take them via edibles, while others like to smoke the resin. One other way that cannabis is consumed nowadays is through vaporizer (or vape) pens. But, where on earth can you buy THC disposable dab pens in Canada?

Vape Pens? Why?

You might be familiar with vapes, such as those that make use of pods. These cannabis-based vape pens more or less work the same way. Usually, these come in pre-filled cartridges (also known as a “cart”) that contain either THC resin or CBD oils. All you need to do is put the cart in a vaporizer pen. Then you can take a hit from it like you would when you’d smoke.

While some people may prefer to smoke it, there are also many reasons why you would opt for a vape pen. The first is that it’s very discreet. You can take a hit from it casually, and no one would really notice that you’re smoking THC or CBD oil. This also means you wouldn’t have to grind up some flower, roll yourself a joint or load a pipe, and then light up to smoke. That might be inconvenient and inappropriate, depending on where you are.

Some people might also prefer to use vape pens because the hits are smoother than the usual way of smoking. Sure, it might not feel the same, but at least you won’t feel as uncomfortable because you’re coughing your lungs out from a strong hit from a pipe or joint.

Where Can I Get A Cart?

Since the process of making these THC dabs or CBD oils needs to be done correctly, so it’s as safe for consumption as possible, it’s best to get these from a reliable source. Dispensaries are the ideal place to get these carts. Cannalyft is one perfect place where you can get yourself these carts. Not only are they a trusted source, but they also carry a variety of these carts. So, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Just like how the legalization of cannabis has revolutionized the way people see its consumption, it’s also led to more methods by which one can consume the substance. Legalization has given more room for the production of different strains as well other cannabis byproducts. Vape pens happen to be one of those new ways one can consume them. While it might not be the usual way of consumption, it’s becoming very popular for several reasons. At the least, it’s something worth trying once to see if it’s for you or not.


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