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Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) has established itself as a leader in the mortgage industry by providing clients with a high level of service. But clients aren’t the only people whom EPM treats well. Through a new EPM + initiative, the company is once again showing that it’s committed to doing right by its employees.

The EPM + Initiative Brings Multiple Benefits for Employees

The EPM + initiative has been developed to better serve employees in ways that go beyond salaries and standard benefits. The program is another way for EPM to fulfill its commitment to “empower people,” which includes empowering employees.

EPM + will comprise multiple individual programs that work together to provide a cohesive, upgraded experience for employees at all levels of the company.

EPM + Connect

The EPM + experience begins with EPM + Connect, a streamlined and standardized onboarding process for employees. The Connect experience will share not just the details of working at EPM but also the company’s mission to empower everyone.

As the Connect onboarding experience will explain, empowering encompasses more than merely giving employees good jobs. EPM has several ways to help employees assess where they are and where they’d like to progress in the future and then develop a strategy to help them move from their current situation to their desired future. Several of the other EPM + components work toward this purpose.

EPM + News

EPM + News is a company-wide email that communicates the most important information about EPM. The email will feature need-to-know news about the company, upcoming company events that many employees will be invited to, and answers to common questions that employees have. This EPS + News email will be sent out monthly.

Having a monthly company newsletter will make it easier for employees to stay abreast of what’s going on at EPM. There’s almost always something exciting happening at the company, but employees previously haven’t always found out about news or events until some time afterward because there wasn’t a centralized way to disseminate information. EPM + News will provide that centralized way to share happenings, ensuring that everyone is better informed.

EPM + Fit

EPM + Fit is one part of the EPM + initiative that’s already been set up, and many employees have already voiced how much they like this particular aspect. The EPM + Fit program offers a way for employees who want to improve their physical fitness to do so.

The EPM + Fit program has been adapted for the COVID-19 pandemic, but these changes have perhaps made the program even more useful to employees. Through the program, employees can access a variety of fitness classes via Zoom calls. The classes provide varying levels of intensity and cover many different fitness goals, and they’re all led by qualified fitness instructors and body trainers. Because this is all conducted remotely over Zoom, it’s easy for employees to find a call that meets their needs and schedule and join in.

All classes through EPM + Fit are free to EPM employees.

EPM + Originals

EPM + Originals is a new content creation project that EPM is undertaking. The project has already resulted in some original social media posts, but what’s been done thus far is only a taste of what is planned.

The EPM + Originals project will include social media, video, and other content, all of which will be original creations of EPM employees. As the project continues, the effort will also feature T-shirts, swag, giveaways, and sweepstakes. All content used in these efforts will be original creations of EPM employees.

The goal behind EPM + Originals is to keep working at EPM fun. As one of the project’s leaders said, EPM wants employees to “do great work, but at the same time, we want to have fun.”

EPM + Is Rolling Out

The entire EPM + experience will be rolling out soon, with the first introductory video already published and available to employees. The initiative has been discussed for a while now, and it’s about to be fully implemented. Employees will likely appreciate all that they find through the initiative’s various programs. In a town hall-style video, a leader laid out the purpose of the EPM + initiative: “At the end of the day, it’s about the experience… It’s about creating exciting experiences for all employees.”

EPM Cares for Clients and Employees

EPM is led by a team that understands the importance of caring for people, and providing an excellent experience has been a key to the company’s success. This care for people is behind the company’s effort to provide a simple and easy way for homeowners to acquire mortgages. EPM only hires people who have experience in the industry, and the purpose of this is to ensure that clients can always get the help they need when they have questions or otherwise require assistance. By providing good mortgage products and great service, EPM has built up its client base and business.

The care for employees has likewise always been a focus of the company’s leadership, but this EPM + initiative makes it more visible. Through the initiative, employees will find that EPM is a place where they can grow in multiple ways while still working a great job.

About EPM

EPM is a mortgage lender that makes home loans available in 49 states. The company offers a wide range of home loan options and has a knowledgeable, experienced staff to help clients identify the right mortgage solution for them. Altogether, EPM’s management team has more than 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry.

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