Five Technologies for Every Business to Protect Themselves


It doesn’t matter whether you are in the business of technology or just do your work on your computers, every company needs to use technology to protect itself. Between the threats online and all the assets found on a business network, its devices, and private information, it is imperative for every business to utilize technologies to protect their data and technological infrastructure. Below are the five technologies every business should use to protect themselves.

Cloud Storage & Security

Whether you manage your Cloud storage on your own or outsource the work to another company, it’s pivotal to utilize this form of technology. With Cloud storage, you can properly organize, protect, and analyze the data. If you don’t have a team helping you with the Cloud, outsourcing this work will help you increase Cloud security and your ability to protect valuable data.

Furthermore, outsourcing Cloud storage will also make sure that you avoid the possibility of physical damage. Since the servers you are stored on will be off-site, you won’t have to worry about damage happening on your watch. It doesn’t matter if you handle it on your own or not, it’s instrumental to properly store, organize, and protect data on the Cloud.


Malware refers to the group of tactics used in malicious software to attack computers, the networks they are on, and the information that they hold. It is one of the most infamous ways to attack companies and other entities. One of the initial ways to protect your business from malware attacks is to use anti-malware software. Every computer should have an anti-malware product to protect them from these online attacks. Whether you are protecting sensitive information or not, anti-malware protection is pivotal to protecting your business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most advanced technological tools we have today. It can train itself to do anything a human can do and much more using computation and the internet. AI is one of the most valuable tools we have, technology or not. It can protect our networks, servers, computers, and data by providing constant monitoring and detection of possible threats way before they happen. AI can indicate where there are holes in the cybersecurity strategy and show you that there are vulnerable endpoints. AI isn’t just effective for cybersecurity. It is also incredibly useful in other ways. If you are in the tech business at all, you should invest in some form of artificial intelligence.


Another basic form of cyber-attack prevention is the firewall. Firewall software can prevent viruses from infecting the device and getting onto the network. You should never click on unidentifiable links, but if you accidentally do and a virus tries to infect your computer, a firewall is the first defense you have. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. Firewall protection is pivotal for any computer. When you get a new computer, it should be one of the first things you put on it.

Endpoint Response Tools

Finally, one of the most useful and effective tech tools that protect against cyber threats is endpoint response. This is the ability for your protective software, employees, or AI to identify the possible threats that could occur to endpoints on the network. There are always ways to get into the network. The health and safety of your network, devices, and data are dependent upon filling the holes in your cybersecurity strategy. Endpoint response is essential to building a healthy, protected network, data storage capabilities, and overall efficiency in the digital realm.

Every business is different, but just about every company on Earth needs to protect themselves from online attackers and other malicious entities. Whether the company is in the business of tech or not, there are plenty of reasons to ensure that your business is protected from cyber threats.

Data is valuable. Identity theft is a significant problem. Between viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, and other attacks, you can never be too protected. So, whatever your company is involved in, you should do your best to protect your network, servers, data, devices, employees, and business overall by employing the above technologies and more. Never think you are fully protected and the ability to avoid an attack goes up.


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