Five Things to Avoid When Ordering a Custom Business Sign


There are many things to consider when you decide to order custom business signs. You will want to ensure that you order the right colour schemes as well as ensure that your brand is not tarnished. Custom business signs are a great way to draw in customers as they drive by your physical office location. You may have perfected your online branding with your social media accounts, websites, and designs.

When these designs are translated to a physical print, they can be warped or altered. Your physical office location should match your online branding and leave a positive impression on your customers. Companies providing custom sign printing jobs will print your order exactly how you place it. Customers end up frustrated or angry when they do not avoid common print mistakes. Here are five things to avoid when ordering custom business signs.

  1. Obstructed Views

While it may seem obvious, you should ensure that your physical sign can be seen from the road. A custom sign is pointless if customers cannot see it. While most smartphones have GPS and map applications, customers can quickly become lost if your physical location cannot be seen from the road. They may get easily frustrated making turns and choose another similar business for the same service or good. It is also a good idea to have a light source to illuminate your sign during the night.

  1. Contrast

Companies offering sign printing will suggest that you consider the contrast. Your logo may have very little contrast when placed on a white background. It is very difficult to see your business name if it blends in with the background. Contrast does not mean that the colours will clash. Instead, contrast ensures that the business name or brand will be seen clearly by standing out when placed against the background.

  1. Spacing

You may love a certain font. However, when the font is blown up on a sign, the letters can blend together. Before you order an expensive custom sign, you should consider the spacing of the letters. Letters should be clearly seen from a distance so your customers can identify the word. A custom sign print shop may suggest adding spaces between each letter to properly use the space of the sign and so that customers can easily read your sign.

  1. Material

Printing on different materials costs different prices. You will notice that printing on hard materials such as metal, wood, and heavy-duty plastic is much more expensive than an easily manipulated material such as vinyl. Some sign materials are also more expensive because they can withstand much harsher weather elements such as snow, hail, and high winds.

You should consider where your sign will be and what material is best. If your sign is going to be hung inside, it does not need extra finishing or to be made of material that can withstand the outside elements.

  1. Order Placement

Are you opening your business in a few weeks? Are you planning a business conference where you will be hosting potential investors? You may be worried about ordering business materials, organizing caterers, and training employees. It is easy to forget to order your custom signs and banners.

When you get ready to open the business or event, you may suddenly panic and realize that you have forgotten to order the signs. Custom signs take time to print. Large custom printing companies may tell you that it will take weeks before they can fulfil your order. You should place your orders for your signs as soon as possible.


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