Freight Forwarding in Hawaii: Do Private Citizens Need It?


Remarkably, there are not many private individuals who are aware of freight forwarding, and of those who are, many are under the impression it’s strictly a business tool. Fortunately, these services are widely available for private citizens in Hawaii and throughout the world, not to mention the benefits for the business industry.

In basic terms, freight forwarding is the process of an agent acting as a “go-between” with the person or business and the transporting services to ensure that goods make it from one place to its final destination.

The forwarder is in charge of arranging and organizing the “import and export,” which includes logistics like document preparation, tracking, working with customs, insurance claim filing, and so much more. Some agencies offer more services, with many letting you decide which you want with your shipping transaction.

What Do Freight Forwarding Companies Do?

Freight forwarding companies like Packair Airfreight, Inc. in Hawaii, don’t actually do the transporting or moving of the parcels. These agents aren’t “carriers,” but instead are considered “intermediaries” that work with the shipper and transporter to handle any hassles with the administrative components of the logistics, ensuring the details are covered accurately and thoroughly. They’re specialists in their industry.

The forwarder develops a network with officials and carriers at key ports throughout the world where they build up their name (and yours) in an effort to negotiate for more economical rates and faster routes for package transport.

Forwarder experts can offer sound recommendations for shipments, including how to deal with regulations for each country, requirements for documentation, how to work with the bank and customs, and so much more. International shippers find this information invaluable. Attempting to retain these details for various countries can prove challenging if you work with many. It is much more advantageous to incorporate the services of a freight forwarder than to risk the fate of noncompliance.

Benefits Of Freight Forwarding As A Private Citizen

As a whole, freight forwarding services in Hawaii are used for business purposes, mostly because individuals are unaware that these companies exist. For the most part, a private resident sends packages on an occasional basis for a special milestone like a birthday or holiday to a family member or friend.

But some wish they had a convenient, cost-effective way to send to people residing overseas, and these services suit that need offering a number of advantages. Go here to learn how you can benefit from utilizing a forwarder.

  • Front-Door Service: Most people are hesitant to send parcels internationally due to the fear of the package being “lost at sea” (for lack of a better analogy.) Once the product reaches the port, how do you ensure that it makes it to the final destination? This is what makes many people choose to avoid the headache.

A forwarder stays with the item from the time it leaves your door until it lands at the recipient’s door. These agents have the capacity for tracking parcels throughout the entire trip from start to finish around the world, specializing in those going overseas.

  • “Value-Added”: The firms add these options more for large organizations, but a private individual can benefit in specific ways as well. If you have a purchase order to be tracked, you can check on your shipment as you wish throughout the trip. You can also access the documents related to the shipping and the order history as needed with “on-demand” reports.

Of primary importance is obtaining insurance for “door-to-door’ parcel delivery, especially for valuable items like those sent to friends or family for a specific occasion.

  • Customs:  The term “customs” alone can send waves of confusion through even the savviest individual. Instituting a forwarder’s assistance is exceptionally advantageous in this regard because these professionals are astute when it comes to each county’s regulations, tariffs, and required documents.

Shipping internationally can be a nightmare solely because of customs with agents who don’t forgive even the slightest mistake on documentation. The idea is that you should educate yourself on the laws before attempting to make a shipment. The custom agents allow no excuses due to “ignorance.”

An expert partner guiding you through the challenges of international shipments takes the stress and uncertainty out of working with customs. Most people avoid sending things overseas for this very reason. The option of a freight forwarder opens a new window of opportunity for people with international friends.

How To Know If You Need A Freight Forwarder As An Individual

If you’re someone who sends packages on a routine basis or cargo with substantial size, the option of a forwarding agency might be ideal for you. But this type of company is probably not the best choice if you merely have a small item for which the recommendation is anything less than a “pallet.”

For things of that size, it would be more cost-effective for you to use either USPS or one of the overnight carriers. Forwarders can save money and time for anything considered significant (larger than a pallet) and can be beneficial to private citizens in other respects.

If you find that you’re being relocated overseas either for your career or for personal reasons, these firms can assist you with shipping your possessions.

** International Relocation

When you need to relocate your residence overseas, a forwarder can be of great value in helping to ship your possessions to your new destination. Instead of leaving everything behind and needing to rebuild once you arrive, you can take your furnishings, household items, perhaps even a vehicle with you.

It’s not unusual for these agencies to handle these types of personal services, which they do quite often. There are many benefits to using their services as opposed to any other means of making an international move. Click to find both advantages and downsides of the industry.

  • The agent has expertise in selecting the appropriate shipping containers and wrapping materials to prevent damage with transport.
  • There is a precise way to arrange items in the boxes and consolidate objects in which professionals specialize.
  • Because these duties are the norm for agents, they have a thorough knowledge of which routes are ideal in order to get the most economical rates and for the prompt arrival of the cargo at the destination.
  • Import restrictions can be quite stringent based on the destination, but it’s merely a matter of understanding the regulations and following them. If you make even a slight error, denial is inevitable. Still, these firms are well versed and stay up-to-date on import rules throughout the world, so there are no issues once customs becomes involved.

A private individual can benefit from a forwarder in much the same way as a business. These firms take the hassle and stress away from shipping to destinations many people avoid due to the “red tape” typically involved in the process.

The shame is that international friends and family lose out on sending care packages because of the rules and regulations with which everyone’s scared to deal. Now that people are aware that there’s a company that can take care of those details, needs can be met without causing any kind of distress.

Final Thought

The takeaway is that freight forwarding is an advantageous tool for Hawaiian businesses and for personal purposes as well. The services won’t be quite the right fit for every shipment need, so it’s essential to weigh the options. But under the right circumstances, you’ll be glad you have someone handling the details.


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