Gambling and Mobile Friendly: Why It’s Important to Adopt Sites and Apps


The gambling industry has changed a lot over the past decade. As new technology has developed, gambling has become more accessible and enjoyable. Online casinos and gambling sites have risen as the primary ways people enjoy gambling, combining convenience with fun. The gambling industry has adapted quickly, focusing on high-quality software and ensuring that players get the safest and most enjoyable online gambling experience.

In recent years, the number of people getting online has increased, and nowadays, most people aren’t using a desktop or laptop to use the internet. Mobile devices have become more popular than ever, and the majority of internet traffic now comes from smartphone or tablet users. As a result, it’s become increasingly important for game developers and site operators to ensure that mobile users are catered to.

In this article, our gambling and mobile technology expert Jean Lussarinen will be looking at why it’s so important for sites to implement mobile technology. The article will look at the ways gambling sites can be optimized for mobile as well as the introduction of gambling apps.

Why is Mobile Use on the Rise?

In 2018, 89% of Finns aged 16 to 89 used the internet, and 76% used it several times a day. Internet traffic in Finland now comes mostly from mobile users, with around 75% of the population in total accessing the internet through a smartphone. Finnish people use their phones for everything from social media, online banking, and playing at uudet suomenkieliset nettikasinot. Mobile device usage for online gamling is also on the rise all over the world, partly thanks to convenience.

Most people have a mobile phone, and being able to carry around a device with internet connectivity is far more convenient than walking around with a heavy laptop. Tablets are also popular for the same reason, making it easier than ever for people to get online and browse their favorite websites. Tablets offer the advantage of having a larger screen, which makes them more suitable for properly enjoying gaming.

How Gambling Sites Are Optimised for Mobile Users

Modern gambling sites are optimized for mobile users by ensuring that the games they offer are compatible with most devices. Modern casino games are developed with HTML5 technology rather than outdated software, meaning they can be played on a variety of devices. A mobile phone for gambling should be able to play a wide range of games.

Optimizing a gambling site means either providing a mobile app for the users to download or simply ensuring the site works well on mobile browsers. Users are often more likely to download a mobile app if it’s available, as they’re generally easier and more convenient to use than a mobile site. However, gambling sites have to make sure that both options are supported if possible. Mobile sites and apps should be easy to navigate, with simple menus so users can find the most popular online casino games quickly.

Why Focusing on Mobile Users is Important

It’s important for gambling operators to focus on mobile users for the following reasons:

  • Mobile accessibility makes a difference to search engine rankings – As you saw above, the number of users who access sites through their mobile devices is on the increase. As a result, search engines will prioritize sites that are mobile compatible. Focusing on mobile compatibility and functionality will make a big difference to the search engine rankings of a site as a result, helping to boost its traffic compared to competitors.
  • Mobile apps offer a way to reach users through push notifications – Mobile apps provide gambling sites with a new way to improve user engagement. Aside from being more convenient, the apps allow push notifications and other features to help boost their interest and keep them playing for longer. These push notifications can be used to offer rewards and bonuses as well as remind the user about new games and promotions.
  • Mobile usage is on the rise – There are currently 6.4 billion smartphone users in the world, around 80% of the population. This figure is also still growing and has increased from 3,7 billion in 2016. As more people make use of smartphones, it becomes more important for companies to consider mobile users.

Final thoughts

Mobile apps provide a unique playing experience – Mobile gambling apps are exciting to a lot of users because they offer something that no other gambling sites do. Finnish players can log in and play wherever they like, and the nature of a gambling app is that it’s perfect for playing anytime and anywhere.


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