Hawthorn Healing Arts Expands Acupuncture Services


Hawthorn Healing Arts’ team of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioners has recently doubled, offering twice the availability of providers for patients, as well as an expanded array of specialties and healthcare practices.

“We are very excited to have among our staff such talented and highly trained acupuncturists,” says Hawthorn Healing Arts Director, Dr. Joshua Phillips, ND. “We have handpicked these folks out of a very competitive field precisely for the intense level of expertise they are able to provide our patients. And with the added staff, we are now able offer a full array of modalities that few clinics can provide.”

Acupuncture is an important aspect of an alternative healthcare practice, offering patients new avenues for pain management, addiction relief and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, chronic stress, insomnia and more – facts borne out by science and research. Hawthorn Healing Arts’ acupuncture practitioners come from an educational background of Chinese Medicine, and along with that comes an even larger toolbox that includes Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, qì-based (energy) practices such as qi gong and Tai chi, as well as practical nutritional counseling and lifestyle guidance.

Expanded Offerings

Joining the team of Dr. Rob Neilson, ND LAc and Chelsea Phillips, LAc is Jessica Belknap, LAc and David Watts, LAc. Dr. Neilson offers Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and acupuncture along with his naturopathic medical practice. Chelsea Phillips offers acupuncture in addition to CCM. Her treatment focus is on women’s health and childbirth as well as pain relief and vibrational healing.

New to the team and with over 21 years of hands-on experience is Jessica Belknap. She offers acupuncture and CCM services with a focus on orthopedics, pain management oncology, allergies and more. David Watts offers a complimentary range of services including acupuncture and CCM to address chronic stress, insomnia, back and neck pain. He also specializes in essential oil applications, supplements and psycho/emotional support. David’s unique expertise creates a synergy between the action of essential oils and the healing power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine – helping to elevate the treatments in a very profound way.

This expansion into acupuncture makes it possible for Hawthorn Healing Arts to facilitate a vibrant new Community Acupuncture Program. David Watts LAc leads this very affordable twice-weekly service, offered at only $60/treatment. This unique modality of acupuncture has been available in China for a very long time. In addition to making acupuncture more affordable, there is an additional opportunity for enhanced healing/movement of stagnant Qi, something that happens when people receive treatment in a group setting. Community Acupuncture happens at the center on Wednesday and Friday 10:30am to 1pm.

About Hawthorn Healing Arts Center:
Hawthorn Healing Arts embodies holistic healthcare to include the practitioners and individual treatments with patients, the retail offering of herbs, vitamins and supplements, as well as classes and workshops. We offer a collaborative approach to health and well-being that integrates the knowledge of western science with the wisdom and heart of traditional healing therapies. To reserve a space in an upcoming session or to make an appointment call 541-330-0334.



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