How Can a Dubai Marketing Agency Help You with Social Media Advertising?


An excellent social media strategy is critical to any successful marketing campaign because it helps you connect with your customers and build brand awareness.

Dubai has one of the world’s highest social media users, with almost 98% of the population having an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

You can target this vast audience using an effective strategy by hiring a social media marketing company in Dubai. A professional agency can help you develop an effective advertising strategy to help grow your business by reaching out to new customers in Dubai and beyond. These are some ways they do that.

Developing such an advertising strategy

A good marketing agency will ask you to define your target audience, brand image, business, and social media goals. They should also help you determine a budget and the kind of content that will work best for your industry and local market.

Once all this is decided on, they’ll create strategies around it. The strategies can include things like:

  • Identifying key influencers in your industry and making them aware of your product/service/brand
  • Creating specific campaigns based on what has worked for other brands in similar situations
  • Making use of different advertisements (both online and offline)

Using the right content and tone

The right marketing agency will advise you on the kind of content and tone that will work best for your industry and local market based on your research. For example, if you’re a luxury real estate developer in Dubai, the right kind of post would be something like “innovative architecture” or “latest technology” because those words describe what people think when they see that type of house in person – whether from an image or a brochure online.

Moreover, most social media users in Dubai have a short attention span and form an impression of a website within the first 10 seconds of visiting it. You must impress them within that short period.

Selecting the ideal ad format

As a business owner with limited time to spare, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. The good news is that experienced digital marketing agencies in Dubai can help you deliver the best results for your brand.

Ad formats allow brands and businesses to promote themselves on several online platforms. They include YouTube pre-roll ads, Facebook video ads, Instagram carousel ads, and LinkedIn-sponsored updates.

Creating a great design for your ads

A good design for your ads on social media is essential for capturing attention and getting results. It helps you convey your message clearly and concisely, making it easier for people to understand what you are trying to say.

It also makes the ad more engaging, so viewers will spend more time looking at it and not just scrolling past it as they do with many others. A well-designed ad can make all the difference between having an average campaign or one that stands out from the crowd!

Get more out of paid ads

A Dubai marketing agency can help you get more out of paid ads by using a mix of paid ads and organically shared posts. Paid ads are more effective in conjunction with organic posts and help you attract new followers and gain engagement.

Influencer marketing is quite popular amongst marketers in Dubai because almost 73% of consumers prefer buying a product or trying a service after hearing about it from someone they follow on social media.

An experienced social media marketing company in Dubai will advise you on the kind of content and tone that will work best for your industry and local market, helping you understand how your target audience uses social media. Social media advertising is an effective method of communicating with your current customers and attracting new ones.


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