How To Find the Best Dedicated Development Team


It is hard to create a great and profitable project. It is crucial to perform all steps excellently to complete this mission. These phases include plan development, organization, calculation of costs, and, of course, finding the best dedicated team developers.

The outsourcing market is quite popular and widely used in 2020, especially in the IT-sphere. In 2018, the revenue of outsourcing services was $85.6 million. And this number is still increasing.

How do you hire a dedicated development team and ensure that their experience will help achieve your goal? First, you need to understand the web team structure and which skills are necessary. Then you must know where to search for a  trusted developer.

If you are looking for answers to the questions mentioned above, this article is for you. Here you will find important recommendations to help you gather a dedicated development team.

#1 Set a structure of your dedicated development team

Before gathering a team together, you must decide on its structure. The set of team members depends on your project`s specifications. In most cases, you will need a web developer, designer, DevOps specialist, and project manager. But sometimes, for a more qualitative result, a marketing specialist, a sales manager, a writer are also needed.

If you do not know who you are looking for, you can lean on an outsourcing company. They will estimate your project and help you assemble a perfect team.

#2 Define the skills your team members need

What skills must a great team member have? Of course, developers need to have profound expertise in web development, quickly grasp tasks assigned by a team leader, and cooperate with other staff without conflicts.

To create a competitive project, you need to find professionals with solid hard skills. You can do this using different job platforms, communicating with former employers about past performance, and checking the candidate’s skills via a technical task.

However, for creating a dedicated team, you also need to pay attention to each member’s soft skills. What qualities do you see as the most important? Should the person be punctual, creative, willing to present their ideas, reliable, sociable, or non-confrontational? Create a list of 5-6 skills most important to you, considering both hard and soft skills.

#3 Use different platforms and sources for your search

This is another important stage of the search. Research shows the top six platforms you can use to search for the best employees to build a great web project in 2020. They include:

  • Freelance websites (for example, Upwork, Toptal, etc.)
  • Niche-Specific Communities (for example, Dribbble, Stack Overflow, etc.)
  • Job Boards (for example, GitHub, Authentic Jobs, etc.)
  • On-Demand marketplaces (for example, 99designs, etc.)
  • Matchmaking Services (for example,, etc.)
  • Social media groups (for example, on Facebook, LinkedIn)

The best way to know more about a candidate as a professional is to contact their previous employer yourself. Sometimes, you can find this information on the platforms mentioned above.

#4 The process of the search for a dedicated development team

Finding developers and other specialists is a step-by-step process. One of the essential ones is the interview. This is the best opportunity to learn more about the candidates you consider as potential employees. Here are some tips which will help you hire a dedicated development team.

Tip #1: Prepare for the interview

Remember, time is money. Thus, prepare for the interview beforehand. Make sure you know as much about the candidate as possible and prepare questions and answers that can’t be found on the Internet. If you are scared of hiring scammers, you can cooperate with an outsourcing company. Working with them, you can be sure that your employees will be professionals.

Tip #2: Plan your interview stages

Usually, when hiring developers for a dedicated development team, the interviews are divided into three parts:

The first part is usually a Skype or a phone call. During this meeting, you can ask a candidate to specify the info you already know: their goals in the development sphere, education, previous experience, etc. It is an opportunity to learn more about a candidate’s personality.

The second part is a technical task. For example, after a phone call, you send a candidate a technical task to complete within a deadline.

The third stage is the in-person interview, if possible. After its completion, the candidate has a call with a developer from the team, if any. They discuss all technical matters and logic with potential employees.

When all these stages are completed, it is time to decide and have a final call to discuss salary, payment process, hiring process, and work conditions. If the match happens – congratulations! A new team member is hired.

Tip #3: Do care about safety

To make sure that a great candidate is found:

  • Hire people with photos or videos of themselves on their profile;
  • Hire people with verifiable reviews;
  • Discuss all conditions in advance and insert them in the contract;
  • Prepare both a contract and NDA;
  • Ask for an ID card or any other identity card.

Final thoughts

Following these recommendations will help you find real talent. However, sometimes not all rules work. It is essential to trust intuition, go out of the frames, find an individual approach to every person, etc. As practice shows, sometimes, a great professional with a large package of skills can be a worse candidate than a specialist with a lower level of experience. It all depends on what you need, what kind of project you have, and the existing team’s needs.


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