Is It Possible To Ship Alcohol In Mail?


Alcoholic drinks are one of the essential things that are required to make a party feel like one. Alcohol is among the most popular gifts at corporate parties or family gatherings. But what about a scenario where you couldn’t visit in person but still want to gift a bottle?

Is it possible to ship liquor? Yes. When shipping liquor, there are a lot of rules and regulations that must be strictly followed. So to answer the question “Can you ship alcohol?” – you can, but only through a person with a license, following many procedures, and signing many agreements. The shipping companies offer domestic and international shipping with door-to-door services. Along with alcohol, a few other liquids can be shipped if they pass the local restrictions.

What Are The Rules When Shipping Alcohol?

The first rule is that the sender signing the agreement must be of legal drinking age. One cannot be under the legal drinking age and still sign the agreements, so you need a proper ID.

The next requirement is you have to own a proper liquor dealing license. If you don’t have one, you have to find a person with a liquor license who will send it on your behalf. Lastly, you must ensure that you are sending it from the state and to the destination to allow delivery and reception of liquor through mail service.


You have to ensure that when you are making a liquor shipment, the bottle is packed well in a waterproof and leakproof box so that it doesn’t cause any accidents while it is being transported.

Who Can Ship Your Alcohol?

Not all delivery services allow the shipping of alcohol. United States Postal Service or USPS does not allow any alcoholic drink to be sent by their mailing service. It is against their rules. However, delivery carriers like UPS and FedEx do allow the delivery of alcoholic beverages but with some rules and regulations.

Carriers like UPS allow delivery of alcohol but only from one liquor retailer to another liquor retailer. So, the person you send the gift to must collect it from their nearby liquor dealer. FedEx allows direct delivery to the person you send it to. However, you have to follow specific rules and regulations to ship alcohol.

You must enter an agreement on alcohol shipping with service providers like UPS. You have to properly pack the bottle in a leak-proof and waterproof box so that it doesn’t cause accidents on the way. Your box must be clearly labeled and marked.

If your box is seized while transporting due to any discrepancies in the documents, no compensation shall be paid to you for it. You need to own a shipping license to be able to send liquor. You can grab a shipping license by making an account with these carriers like FedEx and then applying for a shipping license directly on their website.


The answer to the question “Can you ship alcohol?” is yes, you can, but only if you produce proper licenses and follow all the rules and requirements. Shipping liquor is quite a hectic procedure, but if you follow all these rules, you can deliver that premium alcohol to your loved ones without much problem. It is best to choose a reliable shipping company that can deliver alcohol safely and quickly without any additional restrictions.


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