Picking Betting Strategies For Your Next Game


Before finishing the money in your bankroll, you need to understand the strategies that work in betting. A previous winner may not certainly win in the next game. One of the best choices is to follow up on updates on websites like liontips.com. 

To become a successful bettor and make some money through your love for sports, here are betting strategies you probably have not been using.

Shift Focus on the Underdogs

If the game’s favorites have not always been in your favor, why not consider the underdogs? Casinos offer higher odds for underdogs because they have a lesser chance of winning, while the favorite often has many gamblers bet on it. Many gamblers do not realize about favorite games that you will eventually lose some money even if you win. There are chances you win consistently for favorite games, but this does not happen without letting go of some amount unless all the games you picked are correct.

Here is a practical example.

Provided you place $100 each for four bets on a favorite with -500 odds and three eventually wins, here is your payout description.

You will receive a payout of $20 increase on each bet. Profit plus your investment makes it $120 on each. However, it does not cover the last game, so you only get a 75% return on your money.

Is Favorite Wrong?

While you may be thinking having a favorite is wrong, no, it is not. It is a concept that makes the game more interesting. Either favorite or otherwise, always target the team with the highest possible payout, often the underdog. Hence, you may consider a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet means you support a team to win a game without speculating the winning or losing points.

Implied Probabilities

Implied probabilities show how much you get for winning a game and the possible chance of the team winning. Some calculators can help you estimate an implied probability, especially for American Odds. For instance, the implied probability for winning with a -400 odds is 80%. However, it would be best if you always went for bets with a lesser implied probability than how you think a game will probably turn out. This is where you place value on your bet. Implied possibilities just come as it is, without expecting anything more.

Point Spreads and Total Bets

Point spreads and total bets are other strategies if you are unsure what game to place value on. Here, you predict the number of points a team will likely get. Wherein some sportsbooks allow participants to change points while the game is ongoing. This is another chance to value your game, although it may come with a lower payout.


If you are serious about winning your next bet or game, then consider the strategies above. It requires intellectual input and some extra work from your end. You need to observe the game trend closely and master the rules of the game.

Place values on your games, and take your decisions cautiously. On the other hand, you need not misplace value with greediness. If a game payout is extremely on the high side, it may just be the sportsbooks trick of attracting more customers. Hence, tread the betting board carefully.


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