Promoting a Business with a Book


Have you ever thought of promoting a business with a book? You’re not alone. According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine, “many entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, attorneys, psychologists and other experts are grabbing on to this trend. Writing and publishing a book (whether through a traditional publishing contract or by self-publishing) is a great way to stand out as an expert in your field.”

The article went on to add a caveat: “But without a good plan in advance, you risk all of your hard work becoming nothing more than a really nice business card. (You also risk not finishing your book at all.)”

Ironically, I hadn’t seen the article when I decided to create an interactive, one-on-one e-course–my first–called Boost Your Business with a Book. The e-course, which launches this week, was inspired by my friend and client David Rosell, a financial planner whose unexpectedly revealing and fun-to-read book Failure Is Not an Option: Creating Certainty in the Uncertainty of Retirement has worked so well when it comes to attracting clients, he no longer markets his business. He just markets the book.

What’s the secret of the book’s success? While the fact that it’s entertaining and informative certainly helps, stories that leave the reader with a sense of who David is as a person are what set it apart. That model forms the basis of my new Boost Your Business with a Book e-course. Or should I say e-courses.

I’ve actually developed two versions of the same program–one where I weigh in on every word you write and a second, less expensive “Linden’s Take Lite” option. You’ll find information about both on my landing page.


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