Questions to ask a roofer before hiring them


The time has come to fix or replace your roof after ignoring it for as long as it was safe to do so. You’ve been successful in getting quotations from several businesses, but how do you decide which one to choose? Selecting a company to work with is an essential choice that should not be undertaken hastily. Be sure to ask a roofer these questions before you sign anything.

Six essential questions to ask before hiring a roofer for your project:

Can you demonstrate your company experience?

You should inquire about the roofer’s business history. This question is crucial because you want to ensure that the roofer is knowledgeable and skilled before hiring them.

The roofer should have a lot of expertise and has been in business for a very long time. This will verify that the roofer is qualified and capable of performing quality work on your roof.

Can you present a copy of your insurance policy?

Anyone who works on your house needs to have commercial liability insurance. If something goes wrong while roofing work is being done on your house, this insurance will safeguard you, your house, and the roofing workers. Before hiring a roofing company, verify that they are covered by commercial liability insurance and can show you the most recent proof of this insurance.

Can you provide references?

Before hiring a roofer, it is crucial to get references. You can learn more about the roofer’s experience and reliability by asking for references. To receive their feedback on the work that was done, you can also get in touch with the roofer’s prior customers.

An appropriate response to this question must outline the roofer’s qualifications and provide examples of their prior work. You can also determine the reliability of the roofer by looking at the references.

Can you give me a price quote?

You should anticipate that your roofing services contractor will give you a quote of the entire expenses involved after an inspection, including labour for removing the old roof, labour for installing the new roof, material prices, and additional labour charges. They should also inform you that there are no unexpected fees or hidden costs in the quotation.

When can you begin the project?

It is important to ask this question because, as a homeowner, you need to understand when the roofer can initiate working on the roof. This will facilitate your project planning. The claim will subsequently be approved or rejected by the adjuster. The contractor will be ready to initiate the project as soon as the insurance company has accepted the claim.

Do you have a license?

It is often the most important question that should be asked considering that a licence is a reliable proof of one’s expertise. Anyone can declare themselves to be a roofing or building contractor, and if they refuse to disclose their credentials, you can assume they are a fraud.

Additionally, some states require a licence before a roofing contractor may start working, though other states or governments may have varying requirements. When something does go wrong with the project, the licence will act as your legal obligation.

Final thoughts

You should clearly understand what to anticipate from the project after asking the roofer these questions. Additionally, you should be aware of the materials you will utilize on your roof and the amount of each material required for the project.

If satisfied with the responses to these questions, you can employ a roofer to finish the project. If not, you can interview several contractors until you discover one with whom you are satisfied.


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