Renewable Energy: A Thoughtful Investment to Save the Earth


Planning to shift to a lifestyle to benefit the earth’s atmosphere, which can also be a good investment? Consider investing in renewable energy.

In the 21st century, people are rethinking their choices of purchase and if their actions might hamper the wellbeing of the earth. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution about a century ago, we have constantly used resources that are gradually damaging our planet.

We have been using fossil fuel, gas, and coal, for years now, which is extremely expensive and sadly will run out of supply one day.

There are several benefits we can note down about the usage of renewable energy. For our advantages, we came up with the idea of investing in industrialization that undoubtedly made our life easier. We got everything manufactured to make our day to day chores tolerable.

From toasters to cars, we rely too much on natural resources and forget the damage it has done to our planet.

Renewable Energy to Invest in

It is safe to say that the human mind can also work as a blessing, as it came up with the idea of cutting down the usage of natural resources. Investing in renewable energy is always a good decision, as it saves money and has several health and environmental benefits. You can check out for a better insight into investing in renewable energy stocks.

On a side note, renewable energy will never run out of supply like natural resources for industrialization purposes. Even better, the maintenance requirements are lower, hence less effort will be required while working with them.

We immediately reduce the risks involved with the investment, when we decide to spend money on renewable energy instead of natural resources. Most projects are successful due to thorough planning, strong agreements on contract, and keeping in mind to cause as little harm as possible to our environment and community.


Hydropower or hydroelectricity is one of the best ways to utilize renewable energy. It is produced from the current in the water, an idea taken from the motion of the water i.e. water flowing down from a waterfall.

71% of the earth is covered by water, which proves that it has great possibilities of not running out. Not to mention, it is pollution-free when exposed to the atmosphere, unlike power plants.

Most importantly, as it is a domestic form of energy, and you don’t have to spend a lot on it.

Another benefit of hydropower is its capacity to merge with other renewable resources and compliments while working with other energies. Hydropower can also meet high electricity demands, besides the pump storage systems make it possible not to run out of supply.

Wind Energy

With the help of wind turbines, these plants can convert the wind’s kinetic energy into wind energy to generate electricity. The kinetic energy is converted to mechanical energy, with the help of the turbines.

In recent years this process of energy production and consumption is practiced on a large scale. China is ruling over the wind power industry. The use of wind power has increased by a great percentage in the last two decades.

Wind energy has got great benefits to it, one of it is very cost-effective. The source of wind is clean, which makes it safe for use, and without any harm to the environment. Wind turbines can be built on public or personal grounds such as on farms and ranches.

Solar Energy

Solar energy started gaining its popularity in the field of renewable energies, only a decade back, even though it was introduced in the 1950s. The light and heat of the Sun are utilized to produce this energy. The range of technologies powered by solar energy is solar architecture, artificial photosynthesis, solar thermal energy, etc.

Governments are motivating homeowners to put up personal solar panels to trap sunlight for solar energy. China has got the greatest resources for solar energy, compared to other countries. After China, Japan, and the US have got the highest capacity of using solar energy.

Using solar energy will cut down your electricity bills. It is highly cost-efficient and has a low maintenance cost. The solar panels have got a huge capacity to store energy.

Countries Investing in Renewable Energy

If you want to invest in renewable energy it will be wise to do so in the following countries. The future holds great possibilities for us to conserve our planet by protecting the environment.

1. USA

It’s true that the budget for renewable resources for the US fell after trump became the president, even though 17% of the country’s energy comes from renewable energy sources. The US started producing electricity by its hydropower plants back in the 1880s.

2. China

China produces around 26.7% of the country’s energy from renewable resources. They are leading as the top investor in the field of renewable energy. China is the largest manufacturer of solar and wind energy.

Chinese companies are in charge of the biggest projects related to renewable energy, their main goal is to increase energy manufacturing and efficiency, which would increase the world economy by 40-70%.

3. Germany

Germany is among the countries that focus on producing more renewable energy than its coal and nuclear resources. They are leading when it comes to manufacturing energy from solar power.

Germany also gets its energy through hydropower. They plan on distributing 65% of their electricity produced from hydropower by the year 2030.

A Smart Investment

Like everything else in the world, renewable energies also have some drawbacks. Like in the case of solar energy, which can be produced by depending on the weather besides it cannot be produced at night.

Purchasing technological devices and appliances can be a bit expensive, but in the long run, you can make more money from it, and save too.

Even though we are a long way from preserving our environment and living a complete green life, we are getting there by taking one step at a time. Investing in such projects is sure to give you more than you spend on it. One day the natural resources will fall short, and we have to adapt yourself to consuming energy via renewable resources.


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