The 8 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways


The crypto market has grown dramatically. According to the latest data, the market currently trades more than 5300 types of cryptocurrencies, with an overall Market Cap of 895 billion dollars. To be aligned with the constantly developing crypto industry, massive numbers of crypto payment gateways are appearing on the surface. These gateways enable small-scale businesses and enterprises to accept digital currencies (such as Bitcoin Network– the first-ever cryptocurrency; that is effortlessly tradable via Bitcoin Trading Software) as payment methods. When you are willing to choose a payment gateway for your startup, it would be ration to opt for a highly secure and lucrative platform. Some of the best cryptocurrency payment gateways are the following:

1.   Coinbase

It is one of the major crypto exchanges which provides cryptocurrency payment gateway services via Coinbase Commerce. This gateway is speedy and enables traders to get payments without a mediator. Coinbase operates in more than 100 countries in the world. It supports multiple payment methods such as deposits, debit/credit cards, PayPal, and Three-Dimensional secure cards. Coinbase also supports many cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Ether, LTC, DOGE, DAI, and USDC. You can choose between two Coinbase Commerce plans that would charge 1% as a transaction fee.

2.   Coingate

It is also among some of the reputed gateways that provide a customer-centric checkout atmosphere for flawless and smooth crypto payments. Coingate supports more than 70 digital currencies such as BTC, BTC Cash, Ether, LTC, and XRP. It preserves most of the digital currencies in a safe Cold Storage, and similar to Coinbase deducts 1% as a transaction fee on all the transactions.

3.   BitPay

BitPay stands among the ancient crypto platforms that offer cryptocurrency payment gateway services. It is user-friendly, and users like it for its adjustable features for security and payments. BitPay supports cryptocurrencies like BTC, BTC Cash, Ether, and BNB. The volatility shield of BitPay makes it unique as it locks in the exchange rate. It charges a 1% transaction fee.

4.   GoURL

It is an open-source payment gateway for virtual currencies, which effectively saves the anonymity of its users. GoURL is fast as it takes only 40 seconds for processing payments. If you utilize its Monetiser Online Service, it will charge you a 3.5% transaction fee, and in the case of payments in the form of BTC or Altcoins (Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin), GoURL deducts a 1.5% fee.

5.   AlfaCoins

This gateway comes to make crypto payments more convenient and secure for legitimate businesses. AlfaCoins immediately converts incoming payments; resultantly, you receive insistent crypto exchange rates. It accepts cryptos like BTC, Ether, LTC, DASH, Tether, and Ripple. AlfaCoins charges a 0.99% transaction fee and a 0.5% fee for accepting donations.

6.   Shopify

If we talk about cryptocurrency payment gateways, Shopify is among the most reliable platforms. The interface of Shopify is easy to use, and it accepts crypto payments from all over the world in a completely safe way. It accepts digital currencies such as BTC, DOGE, Ether, LTC, and DAI. The monthly payment fee for Shopify ranges from $9 to &299, and it charges commission fees up to 2%.

7.   Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin is a free wallet, and it enables instant exchange of cash. These two features of Spectrocoin set it apart from other cryptocurrency payment gateways, and it is gaining popularity in industrialized countries such as France, Italy, and Australia. It also provides a BTC debit card to its users. Spectrocoin charges a 1% transaction fee on all transactions and supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

8.   NOWPayments

NOWPayments is the most appropriate option for minimizing the transaction costs for your businesses as it is popular for its minimal cost and user-friendly implementation of noncustodial gateway services. This platform accepts over 100 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Ether, LTC, and DOGE, and converts them into cash. NOWPayments also deduct a 1% transaction fee.

The Bottom Line

According to Cryptocurrency Payment Report, around 50 million US consumers are willing to utilize cryptocurrencies for buying goods & services in the future. Businesses have started accepting payments in crypto to achieve their share of the revenue. In the case someone has a small setup, there is plenty of trustworthy cryptocurrency payment gateways that can assist and facilitate him accepting crypto payments in no time. The best gateways provide quick currency conversion, contain a user-friendly interface, and economical transaction fees.


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